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Rapid degeneration of Drosophila olfactory neurons in Orco mutant maxillary palps.

Darya Task, Christopher J Potter,

Drosophila melanogaster vinegar flies have two olfactory organs: the antenna and maxillary palp. Olfactory neurons in these tissues respond to odorants via odorant receptors. Insect odorant receptors are heterotetramers of two proteins: an odorant binding OrX subunit and an Odorant Receptor Co-Receptor (Orco). Mutation of Orco disrupts odorant receptor formation, ... Read more >>

MicroPubl Biol (microPublication biology)
[2021, 2021:]

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A CRISPR/Cas9-generated cdc-7 loss of function mutation does not cause temperature-dependent fertility defects.

Heather Currey, Nicole Liachko,

MicroPubl Biol (microPublication biology)
[2019, 2019:]

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