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ADCY2 rs10059539 C>T polymorphism confers a decreased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in Chinese Han women.

Xu Chao, Feng Miao, Xuesong Feng, Hailong Shi, Yuewen Wang, Jieqiong Wu, Luyan Zhao, Wei Zhang, Chao Jiang,

<h4>Objective</h4>Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) poses a serious threat to human health. ADCY2 gene polymorphisms may be related to HCC susceptibility. Therefore, we investigated whether ADCY2 gene polymorphisms are correlated to the risk of HCC in a Chinese Han population.<h4>Methods</h4>In a case-control study, we examined the associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) ... Read more >>

Eur J Cancer Prev (European journal of cancer prevention : the official journal of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation (ECP))
[2021, :]

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The evolutionarily conserved gene, Fam114a2, is dispensable for fertility in mouse.

Asad Khan, Wang Yuewen, Sobia Dil, Wasim Shah, Qinghua Shi, Ranjha Khan,

Family with sequence similarity 114 member A2 (Fam114a2) is sperm binding protein that is highly conserved in mammals with homologs both in fungi and plants. Previous studies have demonstrated that miR-762 and P63 are two crucial players of spermatogenesis, and CricFM114A2 regulates their expression. Thus, the current study was focused ... Read more >>

Reprod Biol (Reproductive biology)
[2021, 21(3):100531]

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An Integrative Serum Pharmacology-Based Approach to Study the Anti-Tumor Activity of B. paniculatum Aqueous Bulb Extract on the Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line BEL-7404.

Xuesong Feng, Guangyuan Ma, Hailong Shi, Yuewen Wang, Xu Chao,

The herb <i>Bolbostemma paniculatum</i> (Maxim) <i>Franquet</i> (Cucurbitaceae family), also known as Tu-Bei-Mu (TBM) in Chinese, has shown curative effects to treat several types of cancer as an adjunctive therapy. Thereby we intend to find its effect on the human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and to understand the pharmacological mechanism behind it. ... Read more >>

Front Pharmacol (Frontiers in pharmacology)
[2020, 11:01261]

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LncRNA MEG3 promotes recovery of knee osteoarthritis in rats through regulating VEGF expression.

Lei Su, Yuewen Wang, Yimin Bao, Xuan Liu, Hongjuan Xu,

Panminerva Med (Panminerva medica)
[2020, :]

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Effects of walnut intake on anthropometric characteristics: A systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Zhang Fang, Minyan Dang, Wenzhi Zhang, Yuewen Wang, Hamed Kord-Varkaneh, Ali Nazary-Vannani, Heitor O Santos, Shing Cheng Tan, Cain C T Clark, Fernando Zanghelini, Israel Júnior Borges do Nascimento, Yongmei Yang,

BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE:Effects of walnut intake on anthropometric measurements have been inconsistent among clinical studies. Thus, we conducted a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) to evaluate and quantify the effects of walnut intake on anthropometric characteristics. METHODS:We carried out a systematic search of all available RCTs up to June ... Read more >>

Complement Ther Med (Complementary therapies in medicine)
[2020, 50:102395]

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Phoenix dactylifera Protects against Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity and Nephrotoxicity.

Yuewen Wang, Xu Chao, Fiaz Ud Din Ahmad, Hailong Shi, Hania Mehboob, Waseem Hassan,

Doxorubicin (DOX) is an important anticancer drug used widely in the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma. The suitability of DOX is enhanced by its high therapeutic index, but its potential to cause cardiotoxicity and nephrotoxicity remains a prime concern in anticancer therapeutics. This study is designed to determine the effect ... Read more >>

Cardiol Res Pract (Cardiology research and practice)
[2019, 2019:7395239]

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A new anti-inflammatory flavonoid glycoside from tetraena aegyptia.

Ahmed A Zaki, Xiaoqian Xu, Yuewen Wang, Pei-Hsin Shie, Longxin Qiu,

The chromatographic reinvestigation the methanol extract of <i>Tetraena aegyptia</i> led to the separation of a new flavonoid glycoside, isorhamnetin-3-<i>O</i>-[2```,3```-<i>O</i>-isopropylidene-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl]-(1```→6``)-<i>O</i>-β-D-glucopyranoside (<b>1</b>), together with two known flavonoids, isorhamnetin (<b>2</b>) and isorhamnetin-3-<i>O</i>-glucoside (<b>3</b>), isolated for the first time from the plant. The new compound was evaluated for the anti-inflammatory activity by using LPS-induce ... Read more >>

Nat Prod Res (Natural product research)
[2021, 35(12):1985-1990]

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Inflammatory cytokines in highly myopic eyes.

Jianshu Yuan, Shanjun Wu, Yuewen Wang, Suqi Pan, Pengyun Wang, Lingyun Cheng,

Currently, myopic retinopathy is the most common irreversible blinding disease but its pathophysiology is not completely clear. A cross-sectional, observational study was conducted in a single center to analyze aqueous samples from highly myopic eyes (axial length >25 mm, n = 92) and ametropic or mild myopic eyes (n = 88) for inflammatory cytokines. Vascular ... Read more >>

Sci Rep (Scientific reports)
[2019, 9(1):3517]

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Chloroplast genome analyses and genomic resource development for epilithic sister genera Oresitrophe and Mukdenia (Saxifragaceae), using genome skimming data.

Luxian Liu, Yuewen Wang, Peizi He, Pan Li, Joongku Lee, Douglas E Soltis, Chengxin Fu,

BACKGROUND:Epilithic sister genera Oresitrophe and Mukdenia (Saxifragaceae) have an epilithic habitat (rocky slopes) and a parapatric distribution in East Asia, which makes them an ideal model for a more comprehensive understanding of the demographic and divergence history and the influence of climate changes in East Asia. However, the genetic background ... Read more >>

BMC Genomics (BMC genomics)
[2018, 19(1):235]

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Nucleoside/nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors attenuate angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis by impairing receptor tyrosine kinases signalling in endothelial cells.

Lin Song, Sha Ding, Zhen Ge, Xiaolong Zhu, Cong Qiu, Yuewen Wang, Enyin Lai, Weijun Yang, Yi Sun, Samson A Chow, Luyang Yu,

<h4>Background and purpose</h4>Cardiovascular disease associated with antiretroviral therapy (ART) has become a major clinical challenge for HIV-positive patients. However, the role of ART in blood vessel growth is largely unknown. Here, we examined an integral component of ART, nucleoside/nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) and investigated their effects on key microvascular ... Read more >>

Br J Pharmacol (British journal of pharmacology)
[2018, 175(8):1241-1259]

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The critical role of SENP1-mediated GATA2 deSUMOylation in promoting endothelial activation in graft arteriosclerosis.

Cong Qiu, Yuewen Wang, Haige Zhao, Lingfeng Qin, Yanna Shi, Xiaolong Zhu, Lin Song, Xiaofei Zhou, Jian Chen, Hong Zhou, Haifeng Zhang, George Tellides, Wang Min, Luyang Yu,

Data from clinical research and our previous study have suggested the potential involvement of SENP1, the major protease of post-translational SUMOylation, in cardiovascular disorders. Here, we investigate the role of SENP1-mediated SUMOylation in graft arteriosclerosis (GA), the major cause of allograft failure. We observe an endothelial-specific induction of SENP1 and ... Read more >>

Nat Commun (Nature communications)
[2017, 8:15426]

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SUMOylation Negatively Regulates Angiogenesis by Targeting Endothelial NOTCH Signaling.

Xiaolong Zhu, Sha Ding, Cong Qiu, Yanna Shi, Lin Song, Yueyue Wang, Yuewen Wang, Jinying Li, Yiran Wang, Yi Sun, Lingfeng Qin, Jun Chen, Michael Simons, Wang Min, Luyang Yu,

<h4>Rationale</h4>The highly conserved NOTCH (neurogenic locus notch homolog protein) signaling pathway functions as a key cell-cell interaction mechanism controlling cell fate and tissue patterning, whereas its dysregulation is implicated in a variety of developmental disorders and cancers. The pivotal role of endothelial NOTCH in regulation of angiogenesis is widely appreciated; ... Read more >>

Circ Res (Circulation research)
[2017, 121(6):636-649]

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Robust motion tracking based on adaptive speckle decorrelation analysis of OCT signal.

Yuewen Wang, Yahui Wang, Ali Akansu, Kevin D Belfield, Basil Hubbi, Xuan Liu,

Speckle decorrelation analysis of optical coherence tomography (OCT) signal has been used in motion tracking. In our previous study, we demonstrated that cross-correlation coefficient (XCC) between Ascans had an explicit functional dependency on the magnitude of lateral displacement (δx). In this study, we evaluated the sensitivity of speckle motion tracking ... Read more >>

Biomed Opt Express (Biomedical optics express)
[2015, 6(11):4302-4316]

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MiR-502-5p inhibits IL-1β-induced chondrocyte injury by targeting TRAF2.

Guoliang Zhang, Yanhong Sun, Yuewen Wang, Rui Liu, Yimin Bao, Qi Li,

Osteoarthritis (OA) is characterized by articular cartilage degradation and joint inflammation. MicroRNAs have been proven to play an important role in the regulation of chondrogenesis. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of miR-502-5p in OA. The results showed that miR-502-5p levels were significantly down-regulated in ... Read more >>

Cell Immunol (Cellular immunology)
[2016, 302:50-57]

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Fabrication of cellulose self-assemblies and high-strength ordered cellulose films

Zaiwu Yuan, Anning Jiang, Hongjuan Geng, Jin Wang, Jingjing Zhang, Menghua Qin, Wenting Lv, Yuewen Wang,

Based on the formation of cellulose hydrogels in NaOH/urea aqueous solvent media, cellulose self-assembly precursor is acquired. It is proved that the water uptake capability of the cellulose hydrogels depends highly on the cross-link degree (CLD) of cellulose. With varying CLD and concentration of cellulose, a variety of morphologies of ... Read more >>

(Carbohydrate polymers.)
[2015, 117:414-421]

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Whole-exome sequencing identifies OR2W3 mutation as a cause of autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa.

Xiangyu Ma, Liping Guan, Wei Wu, Yao Zhang, Wei Zheng, Yu-Tang Gao, Jirong Long, Na Wu, Long Wu, Ying Xiang, Bin Xu, Miaozhong Shen, Yanhua Chen, Yuewen Wang, Ye Yin, Yingrui Li, Haiwei Xu, Xun Xu, Yafei Li,

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a heterogeneous group of inherited ocular diseases, is a genetic condition that causes retinal degeneration and eventual vision loss. Though some genes have been identified to be associated with RP, still a large part of the clinical cases could not be explained. Here we reported a four-generation ... Read more >>

Sci Rep (Scientific reports)
[2015, 5:9236]

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Fabrication of cellulose self-assemblies and high-strength ordered cellulose films.

Zaiwu Yuan, Jingjing Zhang, Anning Jiang, Wenting Lv, Yuewen Wang, Hongjuan Geng, Jin Wang, Menghua Qin,

Based on the formation of cellulose hydrogels in NaOH/urea aqueous solvent media, cellulose self-assembly precursor is acquired. It is proved that the water uptake capability of the cellulose hydrogels depends highly on the cross-link degree (CLD) of cellulose. With varying CLD and concentration of cellulose, a variety of morphologies of ... Read more >>

Carbohydr Polym (Carbohydrate polymers)
[2015, 117:414-421]

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Epidemiological investigation of osteoarthritis in middle-aged mongolian and senior residents of the inner mongolia autonomous region.

Yuewen Wang, Rui Peng, Ruilian Ma,

BACKGROUND:To investigate the prevalence and characteristics of osteoarthritis (OA) in Mongolian middle-aged and senior residents of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, compared with the prevalence of OA in different regions, to understand the OA-associated factors and provide theoretical evidences for intervention and prevention. OBJECTIVES:Thereby the prevalence, distribution characteristics and correlative ... Read more >>

Iran Red Crescent Med J (Iranian Red Crescent medical journal)
[2013, 15(10):e8303]

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Comprehensive analysis of UGT1A1 genetic polymorphisms in Chinese Tibetan and Han populations.

Xiaoqing Zhang, Xiaohong Meng, Yuewen Wang, Wei Yan, Jin Yang,

The study of polymorphism of the UGT1A1 gene has not been reported in the Chinese Tibetan population, and there are no comparisons of genetic polymorphism in the gene between Chinese Han and Tibetan populations. In this study, we directly sequenced the functional regions of the UGT1A1 gene in 200 unrelated ... Read more >>

Biochem Genet (Biochemical genetics)
[2012, 50(11-12):967-977]

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Genetic variants and haplotypes of the UGT1A9, 1A7 and 1A1 genes in Chinese Han.

Xiaoqing Zhang, Guokun Ao, Yuewen Wang, Wei Yan, Min Wang, Erfei Chen, Fangfang Yang, Jin Yang,

In this report, we describe combined polymorphisms of the UGT1A9, UGT1A7 and UGT1A1 genes in 100 unrelated, healthy Chinese Han subjects. The functional regions of these genes were sequenced and comprehensively analyzed for genetic polymorphisms. Thirty variants were detected, including five novel forms. Tentative functional predictions indicated that a Cys ... Read more >>

Genet Mol Biol (Genetics and molecular biology)
[2012, 35(2):428-434]

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Foxtail millet sowing method


The invention discloses a foxtail millet sowing method, which comprises the following steps of: preparing cooked millet, drying, and mixing the millet with pesticide uniformly mixing the cooked millet which is mixed with the pesticide with foxtail millet, wherein the mass of the foxtail millet is 1 to 3 times ... Read more >>

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