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Understanding the immunopathogenesis of autoimmune diseases by animal studies using gene modulation: A comprehensive review.

Keum Hwa Lee, Byung Soo Ahn, Dohyeon Cha, Won Woo Jang, Eugene Choi, Soohyun Park, Jun Hyeong Park, Junseok Oh, Da Eun Jung, Heeryun Park, Ju Ha Park, Youngsong Suh, Dongwan Jin, Siyeon Lee, Yong-Hwan Jang, Tehwook Yoon, Min-Kyu Park, Yoonje Seong, Jihoon Pyo, Sunmo Yang, Youngin Kwon, Hyunjean Jung, Chae Kwang Lim, Jun Beom Hong, Yeoeun Park, Eunjin Choi, Jae Il Shin, Andreas Kronbichler,

Autoimmune diseases are clinical syndromes that result from pathogenic inflammatory responses driven by inadequate immune activation by T- and B-cells. Although the exact mechanisms of autoimmune diseases are still elusive, genetic factors also play an important role in the pathogenesis. Recently, with the advancement of understanding of the immunological and ... Read more >>

Autoimmun Rev (Autoimmunity reviews)
[2020, 19(3):102469]

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