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Educational Approaches Help Bridge Perception Gaps of Invasive Alien Species (Mikania micrantha) between Managers and Non-managers.

Huiyun Zeng, Xiaofei Liu, Liyun Zhang, Yingzhen Li, Min Zhu, Dongming Chen,

Invasive alien species (IAS) significantly impact biodiversity, human health, and economies, and considerable resources are often used to manage their spread. Few studies have focused on the human perception of IAS management, and little is known about approaches to improve stakeholder perception. This study examined perception gaps between managers and ... Read more >>

Environ Manage (Environmental management)
[2021, 68(3):340-352]

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Public education improves farmers knowledge and management of invasive alien species

Yingzhen Li, Xiaofei Liu, Huiyun Zeng, Jingwen Zhang, Liyun Zhang,

Research into the human dimensions of invasive alien species (IAS) management has received great attention to date. However, little is known about how public education influences stakeholders knowledge and management of IAS. Using key informant interviews and household questionnaires, we explored the role of public education in farmers knowledge and ... Read more >>

Biol Invasions (Biological invasions)
[2021, 23(6):2003-2017]

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Metagenomic next-generation sequencing contribution in identifying prosthetic joint infection due to Parvimonas micra: a case report.

Zida Huang, Chongjing Zhang, Wenbo Li, Xinyu Fang, Qijin Wang, Li Xing, Yingzhen Li, Xifang Nie, Bin Yang, Wenming Zhang,

Identifying fastidious pathogens in patients with prosthetic joint infection (PJI) by culture is challenging. Metagenomic next-generation sequencing (mNGS) is a novel culture-independent approach that is associated with a higher likelihood for identifying pathogens. We present a case where mNGS was implemented to identify <i>Parvimonas micra</i>, a rarely reported and difficult-to-culture ... Read more >>

J Bone Jt Infect (Journal of bone and joint infection)
[2019, 4(1):50-55]

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Electrically enhanced adsorption and green regeneration for fluoride removal using Ti(OH)4-loaded activated carbon electrodes.

Yingzhen Li, Chang Zhang, Yanping Jiang, Ting-Jie Wang,

An electrically enhanced fluoride removal method was developed that blended the merits of electrosorption and adsorbent adsorption. This method has the advantages of high adsorption selectivity and capacity for fluoride. The saturated adsorption capacity of Ti(OH)<sub>4</sub> for fluoride in the electrode of Ti(OH)<sub>4</sub>-loaded activated carbon reached 115.2 mg/g when a voltage ... Read more >>

Chemosphere (Chemosphere)
[2018, 200:554-560]

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Rapid diagnosis of Propionibacterium acnes infection in patient with hyperpyrexia after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation by next-generation sequencing: a case report.

Mingzhi Ye, Wei Wei, Zhikai Yang, Yingzhen Li, Shaomin Cheng, Kang Wang, Tianliangwen Zhou, Jingmeng Sun, Sha Liu, Na Ni, Hui Jiang, Hua Jiang,

<h4>Background</h4>The rapid determination of pathogenic agent is very important to clinician for guiding their clinical medication. However, current diagnostic methods are of limitation in many aspects, such as detecting range, time-consuming, specificity and sensitivity. In this report, we apply our new-developing pathogen detection method to clarify that Propionibacterium acnes is ... Read more >>

BMC Infect Dis (BMC infectious diseases)
[2016, 16:5]

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