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Management of a global health crisis: first COVID-19 disease feedback from Overseas and French-speaking countries medical biologists.

Yann Barguil, Laura Chiaradia, Didier Sicard, Madeline Duhin, Cathy Sebat, Samia Abdi, Yves Alomar, Nicolas Blondeel, Christophe Bonnet, Bénita Bouberi-Niava, Emmanuelle Bourgoin-Rousset, Etienne Cavalier, Fatou Cisse, Patrice Combe, Vincent de Guire, François Devaud, Annelies De Wulf, Fatou Diallo Agne, Elsa Dumas-Chastang, Yann Christian Ecrabey, Jean-Claude Grignon, Damien Gruson, Papa Madieye Gueye, Marie-Pierre Hayette, Eli Kabré, Pape Matar Kandji, Henri Francisk Kouakou, Véronique Legris-Allusson, Stephen Lim, Absalome Monde, Dagui Monnet, Guillaume Nguyen Forton, Jonathan Outreville, Maël Padelli, Jean Sakandé, Abibatou Sall, Marion Subiros, Nicole Tayeb, Abdelhakim Temmar, Souleymane Thiam, Han Ting Wang, Annie M Bérard, Laurence Piéroni, Vincent Sapin, Marie-Christine Beauvieux,

The French society of clinical biology "Biochemical markers of COVID-19" has set up a working group with the primary aim of reviewing, analyzing and monitoring the evolution of biological prescriptions according to the patient's care path and to look for markers of progression and severity of the disease. This study ... Read more >>

Ann Biol Clin (Paris) (Annales de biologie clinique)
[2020, 78(5):499-518]

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SFBC working group "Biochemical markers of COVID-19".

Marie-Christine Beauvieux, Annie M Bérard, Isabelle Aimone-Gastin, Françoise Barbé, Yann Barguil, Delphine Collin-Chavagnac, Hervé Delacour, Céline Delevallée, Valérie Nivet-Antoine, Katell Peoc'h, Carole Poupon, François Schmitt, Laurence Piéroni, Vincent Sapin, , , , , , , , , , ,

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is responsible for an epidemic disease called COVID-19, which was initially evidenced in Wuhan, China, and spread very rapidly in China and around the world. In France, the first isolated case seems now to be reported in December 2019, stage 3 of the COVID-19 epidemic was triggered ... Read more >>

Ann. Biol. Clin. (Paris) (Annales de biologie clinique)
[2020, 78(3):269-277]

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Urinary exploration of metabolism: nutrition assessment, urolithiasis and tubulopathy.

Christelle Machon, Anne-Sophie Bargnoux, Yann Barguil, Stéphanie Baron, Jean-Paul Cristol, Vincent Frochot,

The SFBC working group aimed to deal with biological tests outside the french nomenclature that may be useful in the context of urinary exploration of metabolism. This section will be divides into three parts: 1) nutritional assessment using urinary urea; 2) metabolic assessment of urolithiasis; 3) exploration of tubulopathies. National ... Read more >>

Ann. Biol. Clin. (Paris) (Annales de biologie clinique)
[2019, 77(4):381-389]

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Dialysis monitoring: peritoneal equilibrium test, regional citrate anticoagulation and residual renal function.

Anne-Sophie Bargnoux, Yann Barguil, Eric Zaoui, Guillaume Jean, Jean-Paul Cristol,

The SFBC working group aimed to deal with biological tests outside the French nomenclature that may be useful for the follow-up of dialysis patients. Our discussion was divided into 3 parts: 1) evaluation of peritoneal membrane characteristics; 2) monitoring of renal replacement therapy using regional citrate anticoagulation; 3) estimation of ... Read more >>

Ann. Biol. Clin. (Paris) (Annales de biologie clinique)
[2019, 77(4):391-396]

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Nickel and associated metals in New Caledonia: Exposure levels and their determinants.

Audray St-Jean, Yann Barguil, Yannick Dominique, Barbara Le Bot, Pierre Ayotte, Sylvaine Cordier,

The ultramafic massifs of the New Caledonian archipelago contain about 10% of the world's nickel reserves, which also contain significant but lower amounts of cobalt, chromium, and manganese. Natural erosion of these massifs and mining activities may contribute to the exposure of local populations to these metals through contamination of ... Read more >>

Environ Int (Environment international)
[2018, 118:106-115]

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Rapid screening and multi-toxin profile confirmation of tetrodotoxins and analogues in human body fluids derived from a puffer fish poisoning incident in New Caledonia.

Maria Rambla-Alegre, Sandra Leonardo, Yann Barguil, Cintia Flores, Josep Caixach, Katrina Campbell, Christopher T Elliott, Claude Maillaud, Michael J Boundy, D Tim Harwood, Mònica Campàs, Jorge Diogène,

In August 2014, a puffer fish poisoning incidence resulting in one fatality was reported in New Caledonia. Although tetrodotoxin (TTX) intoxication was established from the patients' signs and symptoms, the determination of TTX in the patient's urine, serum or plasma is essential to confirm the clinical diagnosis. To provide a ... Read more >>

Food Chem. Toxicol. (Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association)
[2018, 112:188-193]

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Mechanisms of action and structure-activity relationships of cytotoxic flavokawain derivatives.

Charlotte Thieury, Nicolas Lebouvier, Rémy Le Guével, Yann Barguil, Gaëtan Herbette, Cyril Antheaume, Edouard Hnawia, Yoshinori Asakawa, Mohammed Nour, Thierry Guillaudeux,

22 Flavokawain derivatives (FKd) were obtained by one step syntheses in order to conduct a SAR study to understand the structural requirements for optimum and selective cytotoxicity. FKd and natural flavokawains A and B found into kava, a South Pacific traditional beverage, were evaluated against nine cancer and one healthy ... Read more >>

Bioorg. Med. Chem. (Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry)
[2017, 25(6):1817-1829]

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Newly diagnosed rheumatic heart disease among indigenous populations in the Pacific.

Mariana Mirabel, Muriel Tafflet, Baptiste Noël, Tom Parks, Olivier Axler, Jacques Robert, Marie Nadra, Gwendolyne Phelippeau, Elodie Descloux, Cécile Cazorla, Isabelle Missotte, Shirley Gervolino, Yann Barguil, Bernard Rouchon, Sylvie Laumond, Thierry Jubeau, Corinne Braunstein, Jean-Philippe Empana, Eloi Marijon, Xavier Jouven,

OBJECTIVES:Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) remains the leading acquired heart disease in the young worldwide. We aimed at assessing outcomes and influencing factors in the contemporary era. METHODS:Hospital-based cohort in a high-income island nation where RHD remains endemic and the population is captive. All patients admitted with newly diagnosed RHD according ... Read more >>

Heart (Heart (British Cardiac Society))
[2015, 101(23):1901-1906]

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Changes in cardiovascular disease risk factors over 30 years in Polynesians in the French Pacific Territory of Wallis Island.

Christine Linhart, Jean-Michel Tivollier, Richard Taylor, Yann Barguil, Dianna J Magliano, Chloé Bourguignon, Paul Zimmet,

Wallis Island is part of a French Territory in the South Pacific. In 1980 the prevalence of hypertension and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) was low, consistent with a subsistence economy. Considerable social and economic changes have occurred over the last 30 years.Survey data from 1980 and 2009 were analysed ... Read more >>

Eur J Prev Cardiol (European journal of preventive cardiology)
[2016, 23(8):856-864]

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Relationships Between Clinico-Epidemiological Patterns of Invasive Meningococcal Infections and Complement Deficiencies in French South Pacific Islands (New Caledonia).

Maguy Daures, Michele John, Cécile Veysseyre Balter, Olivier Simon, Yann Barguil, Isabelle Missotte, Jean-Paul Grangeon, Sylvie Laumond-Barny, Martine Noel, Laurent Besson-Leaud, Pierre-Emmanuel Spasic, Aurélie de Suremain, Ann-Claire Gourinat, Elodie Descloux,

Invasive Meningococcal Disease (IMD) is three fold more common in New Caledonia (NC) than in metropolitan France and many IMD cases (35.7%) are due to Y and W135 serogroups. The purpose of our study was to identify IMD risk factors in NC.A retrospective study of all IMD cases that occurred ... Read more >>

J. Clin. Immunol. (Journal of clinical immunology)
[2015, 35(1):47-55]

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Enzymatic but not compensated Jaffe methods reach the desirable specifications of NKDEP at normal levels of creatinine. Results of the French multicentric evaluation.

Anne Boutten, Anne-Sophie Bargnoux, Marie-Christine Carlier, Pierre Delanaye, Eric Rozet, Vincent Delatour, Etienne Cavalier, Anne-Marie Hanser, Marc Froissart, Jean-Paul Cristol, Laurence Piéroni, ,

The French Society of Clinical Biochemistry conducted this study to compare the accuracy and performances of the best creatinine enzymatic assays and the compensated Jaffe methods from the same manufacturers. Creatinine was measured in 3 serum pools with creatinine levels of 35.9±0.9 μmol/L, 74.4±1.4 μmol/L, and 97.9±1.7 μmol/L (IDMS determination). ... Read more >>

Clin. Chim. Acta (Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry)
[2013, 419:132-135]

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[Inventory of the use of natriuretic peptides in France].

Delphine Collin-Chavagnac, Jean-François Aupetit, Yann Barguil, Marie-Odile Benoit, Giampero Bricca, Bruno Cauliez, Charlotte Cuerq, Monique Dehoux, Patrick Jourdain, Guillaume Lefevre, Françoise Maupas-Schwalm, Christine Morin, Christiane Oddoze, Emmanuelle Plantin-Carrenard, Vincent Sapin, François Schellenberg,

Since the introduction of routine assay for natriuretic peptides (NP), there is an increasing number of clinical applications for these assays. Due to the continuously increasing number of prescription of those tests, a reappraisal of the use of natriuretic peptide assays, namely BNP and NT-proBNP in France was necessary. This ... Read more >>

Ann. Biol. Clin. (Paris) (Annales de biologie clinique)
[2011, 69(6):653-662]

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A multicentric evaluation of IDMS-traceable creatinine enzymatic assays.

Laurence Piéroni, Pierre Delanaye, Anne Boutten, Anne-Sophie Bargnoux, Eric Rozet, Vincent Delatour, Marie-Christine Carlier, Anne-Marie Hanser, Etienne Cavalier, Marc Froissart, Jean-Paul Cristol, ,

Chronic kidney disease definition is based on glomerular filtration rate (GFR) estimations which are derived from creatinine-based equations. The accuracy of GFR estimation is thus largely dependent of those of serum creatinine assays. International recommendations highlight the need for traceable creatinine assays. The French Society of Clinical Biochemistry conducted a ... Read more >>

Clin. Chim. Acta (Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry)
[2011, 412(23-24):2070-2075]

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Cystatin C: current position and future prospects.

Sophie Séronie-Vivien, Pierre Delanaye, Laurence Piéroni, Christophe Mariat, Marc Froissart, Jean-Paul Cristol, ,

Cystatin C is a low-molecular-weight protein which has been proposed as a marker of renal function that could replace creatinine. Indeed, the concentration of cystatin C is mainly determined by glomerular filtration and is particularly of interest in clinical settings where the relationship between creatinine production and muscle mass impairs ... Read more >>

Clin. Chem. Lab. Med. (Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine)
[2008, 46(12):1664-1686]

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[Cystatin C: current step and future prospects].

S Séronie-Vivien, P Delanaye, L Pieroni, C Mariat, M Froissart, J-P Cristol, ,

Cystatin C is a low molecular weight-protein, which may replace creatinine for the evaluation of renal function, particularly in the clinical settings where the relationship between creatinine production and muscular mass impairs the clinical performance of creatinine. This paper intends to summarize the current knowledge about the physiology of cystatin ... Read more >>

Ann. Biol. Clin. (Paris) (Annales de biologie clinique)
[2008, 66(3):301-323]

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[Consequences for clinical biochemists of the modifications of the creatinine-based evaluation of glomerular filtration rate between 2005 and 2008].

S Séronie-Vivien, L Pieroni, M-M Galteau, M-C Carlier, A-M Hanser, J-P Cristol, ,

Since 2005, international guidelines propose a stadification for chronic renal failure based on the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) value. The performance of the creatinine-based equations allowing the estimation of GFR and the bias of the creatinine measurements is, more than ever, a crucial issue. The consequences for the clinical biologists ... Read more >>

Ann. Biol. Clin. (Paris) (Annales de biologie clinique)
[2008, 66(3):263-268]

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Testing for atropine and scopolamine in hair by LC-MS-MS after Datura inoxia abuse.

Pascal Kintz, Marion Villain, Yann Barguil, Jean-Yves Charlot, Vincent Cirimele,

Datura inoxia belongs to the family of Solanaceae. This is a very common plant in New Caledonia that contains two main toxic alkaloids, l-atropine and l-scopolamine. In this study, we report the case of a 20-year-old male admitted to an Emergency Unit after consumption of 6 dried flowers in hot ... Read more >>

J Anal Toxicol (Journal of analytical toxicology)
[2006, 30(7):454-457]

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Traditional aqueous kava extracts inhibit cytochrome P450 1A2 in humans: Protective effect against environmental carcinogens?

Stefan Russmann, Bernhard H Lauterburg, Yann Barguil, Erwan Choblet, Pierre Cabalion, Katharina Rentsch, Markus Wenk,

Clin. Pharmacol. Ther. (Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics)
[2005, 77(5):453-454]

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Hepatic injury due to traditional aqueous extracts of kava root in New Caledonia.

Stefan Russmann, Yann Barguil, Pierre Cabalion, Marina Kritsanida, Daniel Duhet, Bernhard H Lauterburg,

Traditional aqueous kava extracts were the most probable cause of hepatitis in two patients presenting with markedly elevated transaminases and hyperbilirubinaemia. A consequent survey of 27 heavy kava drinkers in New Caledonia showed elevated gamma glutamyl transferase in 23/27 and minimally elevated transaminases in 8/27. We conclude that not only ... Read more >>

Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol (European journal of gastroenterology & hepatology)
[2003, 15(9):1033-1036]

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