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Bifunctional inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase: a first step in designing a bifunctional triphosphate.

Dongyuan Piao, Aravind Basavapathruni, Pinar Iyidogan, Guangxiu Dai, Wolfgang Hinz, Adrian S Ray, Eisuke Murakami, Joy Y Feng, Fei You, Ginger E Dutschman, David J Austin, Kathlyn A Parker, Karen S Anderson,

The onset of resistance to approved anti-AIDS drugs by HIV necessitates the search for novel inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase (RT). Developing single molecular agents concurrently occupying the nucleoside and nonnucleoside binding sites in RT is an intriguing idea but the proof of concept has so far been elusive. As ... Read more >>

Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. (Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters)
[2013, 23(5):1511-1518]

Cited: 3 times

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Progress in ion torrent semiconductor chip based sequencing.

Barry Merriman, , Jonathan M Rothberg,

In order for next-generation sequencing to become widely used as a diagnostic in the healthcare industry, sequencing instrumentation will need to be mass produced with a high degree of quality and economy. One way to achieve this is to recast DNA sequencing in a format that fully leverages the manufacturing ... Read more >>

Electrophoresis (Electrophoresis)
[2012, 33(23):3397-3417]

Cited: 106 times

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Modified proteins and methods of making and using same


Methods, compositions, systems, apparatuses and kits comprising modified proteins, particularly modified nucleic acid-binding proteins with altered buffering properties are provided. For example, in some embodiments, methods of forming modified proteins including one or more amino acid modifications to achieve desired pKa values are described. Furthermore, the invention provides methods for ... Read more >>

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An integrated semiconductor device enabling non-optical genome sequencing.

Jonathan M Rothberg, Wolfgang Hinz, Todd M Rearick, Jonathan Schultz, William Mileski, Mel Davey, John H Leamon, Kim Johnson, Mark J Milgrew, Matthew Edwards, Jeremy Hoon, Jan F Simons, David Marran, Jason W Myers, John F Davidson, Annika Branting, John R Nobile, Bernard P Puc, David Light, Travis A Clark, Martin Huber, Jeffrey T Branciforte, Isaac B Stoner, Simon E Cawley, Michael Lyons, Yutao Fu, Nils Homer, Marina Sedova, Xin Miao, Brian Reed, Jeffrey Sabina, Erika Feierstein, Michelle Schorn, Mohammad Alanjary, Eileen Dimalanta, Devin Dressman, Rachel Kasinskas, Tanya Sokolsky, Jacqueline A Fidanza, Eugeni Namsaraev, Kevin J McKernan, Alan Williams, G Thomas Roth, James Bustillo,

The seminal importance of DNA sequencing to the life sciences, biotechnology and medicine has driven the search for more scalable and lower-cost solutions. Here we describe a DNA sequencing technology in which scalable, low-cost semiconductor manufacturing techniques are used to make an integrated circuit able to directly perform non-optical DNA ... Read more >>

Nature (Nature)
[2011, 475(7356):348-352]

Cited: 700 times

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Conformational preferences for 1,2- and 1,4-difluorocyclohexane.

Kenneth B Wiberg, Wolfgang Hinz, Ronald M Jarret, Katherine B Aubrecht,

The conformational preference for 1,2-difluorocyclohexane has been studied experimentally via NMR spectroscopy and computationally using CCSD/6-311+G(2df,p). The results confirm our previous conclusions that the diaxial conformer of trans-1,2-difluorocyclohexane has the lower energy in the gas phase, whereas the diequatorial conformer has the lower energy in solution. SCIPCM reaction field calculations ... Read more >>

J. Org. Chem. (The Journal of organic chemistry)
[2005, 70(21):8381-8384]

Cited: 4 times

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Mechanistic characterization of Toxoplasma gondii thymidylate synthase (TS-DHFR)-dihydrofolate reductase. Evidence for a TS intermediate and TS half-sites reactivity.

Eric F Johnson, Wolfgang Hinz, Chloe E Atreya, Frank Maley, Karen S Anderson,

This study describes the use of rapid transient kinetic methods to characterize the bifunctional thymidylate synthase-dihydrofolate reductase (TS-DHFR) enzyme from Toxoplasma gondii. In addition to elucidating the detailed kinetic scheme for this enzyme, this work provides the first direct kinetic evidence for the formation of a TS intermediate and for ... Read more >>

J. Biol. Chem. (The Journal of biological chemistry)
[2002, 277(45):43126-43136]

Cited: 23 times

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