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Use of hair nets and face masks to decrease blood culture contamination rates.

Amanda M Sanders, William A Agger, Alicia M Gray, Cathy Mikkelson Fischer, Elizabeth A Kamprud,

Owing to a persistently high blood culture contamination rate of 3.2% exceeding the target rate of <3%, a midwestern United States hospital began a series of 3 additive interventions. After collecting phlebotomist data for approximately 3 months, reporting of individual contamination rates commenced. A specialized trainer reeducated staff with high rates, ... Read more >>

Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis (Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease)
[2019, 95(1):15-19]

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Recurrent strokes, central nervous system vasculitis, and acquired protein S deficiency secondary to varicella zoster in a child with AIDS.

Jake A Deviley, Darby Oldenburg, Laurence C Berg, William A Agger,

A child with vertical transmission of human immunodeficiency virus refractory to therapy developed zoster-induced protein S deficiency and recurrent strokes. Extensive carotid arteritis was found postmortem. The carotid tissue was positive for herpes varicella zoster by polymerase chain reaction, as were immunofixation stains of the arterial wall. ... Read more >>

J Neurovirol (Journal of neurovirology)
[2019, 25(1):137-140]

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