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High MTHFR promoter methylation levels in men confer protection against ischemic stroke.

Shan Xu, Qianping Shi, Bo Li, Liyuan Han, Guodong Xu, Xiaolin Peng, Hongen Chen, Shuhong Dai, Wancheng Ma, Changyi Wang, Jianping Ma,

The MTHFR gene encodes methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase required for the metabolism of homocysteine (Hcy) - a previously reported independent risk factor for ischemic stroke (IS). In this study, we first aimed to clarify the association between DNA methylation levels in the MTHFR promoter and the risk of IS, followed by the ... Read more >>

Bosn J Basic Med Sci (Bosnian journal of basic medical sciences)
[2020, 20(4):477-486]

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