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Cuticular hydrocarbons for the identification and geographic assignment of empty puparia of forensically important flies.

Hannah Moore, Lena Lutz, Victoria Bernhardt, Falko P Drijfhout, Robert B Cody, Jens Amendt,

Research in social insects has shown that hydrocarbons on their cuticle are species-specific. This has also been proven for Diptera and is a promising tool for identifying important fly taxa in Forensic Entomology. Sometimes the empty puparia, in which the metamorphosis to the adult fly has taken place, can be ... Read more >>

Int J Legal Med (International journal of legal medicine)
[2022, :]

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Time Flies-Age Grading of Adult Flies for the Estimation of the Post-Mortem Interval.

Jens Amendt, Valentina Bugelli, Victoria Bernhardt,

The estimation of the minimum time since death is one of the main applications of forensic entomology. This can be done by calculating the age of the immature stage of necrophagous flies developing on the corpse, which is confined to approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on temperature and species of the ... Read more >>

Diagnostics (Basel) (Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland))
[2021, 11(2):152]

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