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Eutrophication leads to the formation of a sulfide-rich deep-water layer in Lake Sevan, Armenia.

Khoren Avetisyan, Natella Mirzoyan, Rayford B Payne, Vardan Hayrapetyan, Alexey Kamyshny,

Lake Sevan is a meso-eutrophic water body, which was severely impacted by anthropogenic level decrease, pollution and eutrophication during the last century. Starting in the 1970s, these processes resulted in the formation of an oxygen-depleted hypolimnion during summer-autumn stratification of the lake. In this work, we demonstrate for the first ... Read more >>

Isotopes Environ Health Stud (Isotopes in environmental and health studies)
[2021, 57(5):535-552]

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Nitric Oxide Dioxygenation by O2 Adducts of Manganese Porphyrins.

Tigran S Kurtikyan, Vardan A Hayrapetyan, Astghik A Hovhannisyan, Garik G Martirosyan, Gohar Sh Hovhannisyan, Alexei V Iretskii, Peter C Ford,

We describe here nitric oxide dioxygenation (NOD) by the dioxygen manganese porphyrin adducts Mn(Por)(η<sup>2</sup>-O<sub>2</sub>) (Por<sup>2-</sup> = the <i>meso</i>-tetra-phenyl or <i>meso</i>-tetra-<i>p</i>-tolylporphyrinato dianions, TPP<sup>2-</sup> and TTP<sup>2-</sup>). The Mn(Por)(η<sup>2</sup>-O<sub>2</sub>) was assembled by adding O<sub>2</sub> to sublimed layers of Mn<sup>II</sup>(Por). When NO was introduced and the temperature was slowly raised from 80 to 120 ... Read more >>

Inorg Chem (Inorganic chemistry)
[2020, 59(23):17224-17233]

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Nitrosyl isomerism in amorphous Mn(TPP)(NO) solids.

Tigran S Kurtikyan, Vardan A Hayrapetyan, Garik G Martirosyan, Robert K Ghazaryan, Alexei V Iretskii, Hailiang Zhao, Kristine Pierloot, Peter C Ford,

Reaction of NO with amorphous Mn(TPP) layers gives two Mn(TPP)(NO) isomers with linear and bent Mn-N-O geometries that reversibly interconvert with changes in temperature. DFT computations predict that the linear complex is the singlet ground state while the bent structure is a triplet state. ... Read more >>

Chem Commun (Camb) (Chemical communications (Cambridge, England))
[2012, 48(99):12088-12090]

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Nitric oxide dioxygenation reaction by oxy-coboglobin models: in-situ low-temperature FTIR characterization of coordinated peroxynitrite.

Tigran S Kurtikyan, Shahane R Eksuzyan, Vardan A Hayrapetyan, Garik G Martirosyan, Gohar S Hovhannisyan, John A Goodwin,

The oxy-cobolglobin models of the general formula (NH(3))Co(Por)(O(2)) (Por = meso-tetra-phenyl and meso-tetra-p-tolylporphyrinato dianions) were constructed by sequential low temperature interaction of NH(3) and dioxygen with microporous layers of Co-porphyrins. At cryogenic temperatures small increments of NO were introduced into the cryostat and the following reactions were monitored by the ... Read more >>

J Am Chem Soc (Journal of the American Chemical Society)
[2012, 134(33):13861-13870]

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