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10th Royan Institute's International Summer School on "Molecular Biomedicine: From Diagnostics to Therapeutics".

Sharif Moradi, Parisa Torabi, Saeed Mohebbi, Sara Amjadian, Piter Bosma, Farnoush Faridbod, Vahid Khoddami, Morteza Hosseini, Sadegh Babashah, Maryam Ghotbaddini, Arezoo Rasti, Faezeh Shekari, Hamid Sadeghi-Abandansari, Jafar Kiani, Mehdi Shamsara, Mohammad Kazemi-Ashtiani, Samira Gholami,

Bioessays (BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology)
[2020, 42(6):e2000042]

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Transcriptome-wide profiling of multiple RNA modifications simultaneously at single-base resolution.

Vahid Khoddami, Archana Yerra, Timothy L Mosbruger, Aaron M Fleming, Cynthia J Burrows, Bradley R Cairns,

The breadth and importance of RNA modifications are growing rapidly as modified ribonucleotides can impact the sequence, structure, function, stability, and fate of RNAs and their interactions with other molecules. Therefore, knowing cellular RNA modifications at single-base resolution could provide important information regarding cell status and fate. A current major ... Read more >>

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)
[2019, 116(14):6784-6789]

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Active BRAF-V600E is the key player in generation of a sessile serrated polyp-specific DNA methylation profile.

Somaye Dehghanizadeh, Vahid Khoddami, Timothy L Mosbruger, Sue S Hammoud, Kornelia Edes, Therese S Berry, Michelle Done, Wade S Samowitz, James A DiSario, Daniel G Luba, Randall W Burt, David A Jones,

Sessile serrated polyps (SSPs) have emerged as important precursors for a large number of sporadic colorectal cancers. They are difficult to detect during colonoscopy due to their flat shape and the excessive amounts of secreted mucin that cover the polyps. The underlying genetic and epigenetic basis for the emergence of ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2018, 13(3):e0192499]

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Experimental Approaches for Target Profiling of RNA Cytosine Methyltransferases.

Vahid Khoddami, Archana Yerra, Bradley R Cairns,

RNA cytosine methyltransferases (m(5)C-RMTs) constitute an important class of RNA-modifying enzymes, methylating specific cytosines within particular RNA targets in both coding and noncoding RNAs. Almost all organisms express at least one m(5)C-RMT, and vertebrates often express different types or variants of m(5)C-RMTs in different cell types. Deletion or mutation of ... Read more >>

Meth. Enzymol. (Methods in enzymology)
[2015, 560:273-296]

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Transcriptome-wide target profiling of RNA cytosine methyltransferases using the mechanism-based enrichment procedure Aza-IP.

Vahid Khoddami, Bradley R Cairns,

Cytosine methylation within RNA is common, but its full scope and functions are poorly understood, as the RNA targets of most mammalian cytosine RNA methyltransferases (m(5)C-RMTs) remain uncharacterized. To enable their characterization, we developed a mechanism-based method for transcriptome-wide m(5)C-RMT target profiling. All characterized mammalian m(5)C-RMTs form a reversible covalent ... Read more >>

Nat Protoc (Nature protocols)
[2014, 9(2):337-361]

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