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Genetic toxicity testing using human in vitro organotypic airway cultures: Assessing DNA damage with the CometChip and mutagenesis by Duplex Sequencing.

Yiying Wang, Roberta A Mittelstaedt, Rebecca Wynne, Ying Chen, Xuefei Cao, Levan Muskhelishvili, Kelly Davis, Timothy W Robison, Wei Sun, Elizabeth K Schmidt, Thomas H Smith, Zachary K Norgaard, Charles C Valentine, Jeffry Yaplee, Lindsey N Williams, Jesse J Salk, Robert H Heflich,

The organotypic human air-liquid-interface (ALI) airway tissue model has been used as an in vitro cell culture system for evaluating the toxicity of inhaled substances. ALI airway cultures are highly differentiated, which has made it challenging to evaluate genetic toxicology endpoints. In the current study, we assayed DNA damage with ... Read more >>

Environ Mol Mutagen (Environmental and molecular mutagenesis)
[2021, 62(5):306-318]

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CTLA-4 blockade and interferon-α induce proinflammatory transcriptional changes in the tumor immune landscape that correlate with pathologic response in melanoma.

Arjun Khunger, Erin Piazza, Sarah Warren, Thomas H Smith, Xing Ren, Andrew White, Nathan Elliott, Alessandra Cesano, Joseph M Beechem, John M Kirkwood, Ahmad A Tarhini,

Patients with locally/regionally advanced melanoma were treated with neoadjuvant combination immunotherapy with high-dose interferon α-2b (HDI) and ipilimumab in a phase I clinical trial. Tumor specimens were obtained prior to the initiation of neoadjuvant therapy, at the time of surgery and progression if available. In this study, gene expression profiles ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2021, 16(1):e0245287]

Cited: 3 times

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