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Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio, Monocyte-to-Lymphocyte Ratio, Platelet-to-Lymphocyte Ratio, and Mean Platelet Volume-to-Platelet Count Ratio as Biomarkers in Critically Ill and Injured Patients: Which Ratio to Choose to Predict Outcome and Nature of Bacteremia?

Dragan Djordjevic, Goran Rondovic, Maja Surbatovic, Ivan Stanojevic, Ivo Udovicic, Tamara Andjelic, Snjezana Zeba, Snezana Milosavljevic, Nikola Stankovic, Dzihan Abazovic, Jasna Jevdjic, Danilo Vojvodic,

Background:Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR), monocyte-to-lymphocyte ratio (MLR), platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio (PLR), and mean platelet volume-to-platelet count (MPV/PC) ratio are readily available parameters that might have discriminative power regarding outcome. The aim of our study was to assess prognostic value of these biomarkers regarding outcome in critically ill patients with secondary sepsis and/or ... Read more >>

Mediators Inflamm (Mediators of inflammation)
[2018, 2018:3758068]

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Tissue and urinary KIM-1 relate to tumor characteristics in patients with clear renal cell carcinoma.

Mirjana Mijuskovic, Ivan Stanojevic, Novak Milovic, Snezana Cerovic, Dejan Petrovic, Djoko Maksic, Bozidar Kovacevic, Tamara Andjelic, Predrag Aleksic, Brankica Terzic, Mirjana Djukic, Danilo Vojvodic,

The objective of this prospective follow-up trial was to ascertain whether the urinary kidney injury molecule-1 (uKIM-1) associates with tumor tissue (tKIM-1) expression and with the pathological characteristics of clear renal cell carcinoma (cRCC) in radically nephrectomized (RN) and/or in partially nephrectomized (PN) patients with cRCC, pre- and postoperatively. This ... Read more >>

Int Urol Nephrol (International urology and nephrology)
[2018, 50(1):63-70]

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Urinary KIM-1 and AQP-1 in patients with clear renal cell carcinoma: Potential noninvasive biomarkers.

Mirjana Mijugković, Ivan Stanojević, Novak Milović, Snezana Cerović, Dejan Petrović, Dragan Jovanović, Predrag Aleksić, Bozidar Kovacević, Tamara Andjelić, Brankica Terzic, Mirjana Djukić, Danilo Vojvodić,

BACKGROUND/AIM:Kidney injury molecule-1 (KIM-1) and aquaporin-1 (AQP-1) are potential early urinary biomarkers of clear renal cell carcinoma (cRCC). The aim of this study was to ascertain relationship between the urine concentrations KIM-1 and AQP-1 with tumor size, grade, pT stage and type of operation (radical or partial nephrectomy) in patients ... Read more >>

Vojnosanit Pregl (Vojnosanitetski pregled)
[2016, 73(3):266-272]

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Factors influencing antibiotic treatment cost and outcome in critically ill patients: a "real-life" study.

Aneta Perić, Maja Šurbatović, Sandra Vezmar Kovačević, Mirjana Antunović, Milić Veljović, Dragan Djordjević, Tamara Andjelić, Snježana Zeba, Silva Dobrić,

UNLABELLED:BACKGROUND/AIM. Critically ill patients are at very high risk of developing severe infections in intensive care units (ICUs). Procalcitonin (PCT) levels are eleveted in the circulation in patients with bacterial sepsis and PCT might be useful in guiding antibiotic treatment. The aim of this study was to estimate factors influencing ... Read more >>

Vojnosanit Pregl (Vojnosanitetski pregled)
[2014, 71(12):1102-1108]

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