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Overall Survival Prediction in Glioblastoma With Radiomic Features Using Machine Learning.

Ujjwal Baid, Swapnil U Rane, Sanjay Talbar, Sudeep Gupta, Meenakshi H Thakur, Aliasgar Moiyadi, Abhishek Mahajan,

Glioblastoma is a WHO grade IV brain tumor, which leads to poor overall survival (OS) of patients. For precise surgical and treatment planning, OS prediction of glioblastoma (GBM) patients is highly desired by clinicians and oncologists. Radiomic research attempts at predicting disease prognosis, thus providing beneficial information for personalized treatment ... Read more >>

Front Comput Neurosci (Frontiers in computational neuroscience)
[2020, 14:61]

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Collagenofibrotic glomerulopathy-a review.

Rajan Duggal, Ritambhra Nada, Charan Singh Rayat, Swapnil U Rane, Vinay Sakhuja, Kusum Joshi,

Collagenofibrotic glomerulopathy (CG) is a rare cause of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome characterized by massive accumulation of atypical Type III collagen fibrils within the mesangial matrix and subendothelial space of the glomeruli. A definite diagnosis can be established when typical histological findings are supported by electron microscopy. This disease exhibits indolent ... Read more >>

Clin Kidney J (Clinical kidney journal)
[2012, 5(1):7-12]

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