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Surgical treatment outcome after serial debridement of infected nonunion-A retrospective cohort study.

Markus Rupp, Stefanie Kern, Nike Walter, Lydia Anastasopoulou, Reinhard Schnettler, Christian Heiss, Volker Alt,

<h4>Purpose</h4>Reported outcome after multiple staged surgical treatment of infected nonunion is scarce. We, therefore, asked: (1) What is the clinical outcome in infected nonunion patients after multiple staged revision surgery? (2) Are different pathogens evidenced after surgical treatment in patients who have undergone more or less surgeries?<h4>Methods</h4>All enrolled patients were ... Read more >>

Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol (European journal of orthopaedic surgery & traumatology : orthopedie traumatologie)
[2021, :]

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Polymicrobial infections and microbial patterns in infected nonunions - a descriptive analysis of 42 cases.

Markus Rupp, Stefanie Kern, Tobias Weber, Tamina D Menges, Reinhard Schnettler, Christian Heiß, Volker Alt,

<h4>Background</h4>Frequencies of polymicrobial infection and pathogens evidenced in course of infected nonunion treatment are largely unknown. Therefore, this study aims at investigating microbial patterns in infected nonunions.<h4>Methods</h4>Surgically treated patients with long bone infected nonunion admitted between January 2010 and March 2018 were included in the study. Microbiological culture and polymerase-chain-reaction ... Read more >>

BMC Infect Dis (BMC infectious diseases)
[2020, 20(1):667]

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Computed tomography for managing periprosthetic femoral fractures. A retrospective analysis.

Markus Rupp, Stefanie Kern, Abdullah Ismat, Thaqif El Khassawna, Gero Knapp, Gabor Szalay, Christian Heiss, Christoph Biehl,

<h4>Background</h4>Periprosthetic fractures (PPF) present a common cause for revision surgery after arthroplasty. The choice of performing either an osteosynthesis or revision arthroplasty depends on the orthopedic implant anchored and loosening. Standard diagnostics include x-ray imaging. CT is usually performed to confirm implant loosening in case of ambiguous diagnosis on standard ... Read more >>

BMC Musculoskelet Disord (BMC musculoskeletal disorders)
[2019, 20(1):258]

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Do Systemic Factors Influence the Fate of Nonunions to Become Atrophic? A Retrospective Analysis of 162 Cases.

Markus Rupp, Stefanie Kern, Thaqif El Khassawna, Abdullah Ismat, Deeksha Malhan, Volker Alt, Christian Heiss, Michael J Raschke,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Nonunions are a challenge for orthopedic surgeons. In hypertrophic nonunions, improvement of mechanical stability usually is the satisfactory treatment, whereas in atrophic nonunions improvement of the biological environment is most important. However, scientific evidence revealed that "avital" nonunions are not avascular and fibrous tissue contains cells with osteogenic potential. To ... Read more >>

Biomed Res Int (BioMed research international)
[2019, 2019:6407098]

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Quantitative analysis of individual cell-free DNA concentration before and after penetrating trauma.

Katrin Brodbeck, Stefanie Kern, Sylvia Schick, Arnd Steinbrück, Michael Schwerer, Birgit Bayer, Katja Anslinger, Steffen Peldschus,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) elevations were remarked in the blood of trauma patients. Published increases refer to comparative values of a healthy control group, ignoring thereby inter- and intra-individual differences under normal conditions. The aim of this study was to quantify cfDNA in patients in the time course of a planned ... Read more >>

Int J Legal Med (International journal of legal medicine)
[2019, 133(2):385-393]

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Osteocyte Regulation of Receptor Activator of NF-κB Ligand/Osteoprotegerin in a Sheep Model of Osteoporosis.

Thaqif El Khassawna, Felix Merboth, Deeksha Malhan, Wolfgang Böcker, Diaa E S Daghma, Sabine Stoetzel, Stefanie Kern, Fathi Hassan, Dirk Rosenbaum, Judith Langenstein, Natali Bauer, Anja Schlagenhauf, Angela Rösen-Wolff, Felix Schulze, Markus Rupp, Dirk Hose, Anja Secklinger, Anita Ignatius, Hans-Joachim Wilke, Katrin S Lips, Christian Heiss,

Osteoporosis induction in a sheep model by steroid administration combined with ovariectomy recapitulates decreased bone formation and substandard matrix mineralization in patients. Recently, the role of osteocytes has been frequently addressed, with focus on their role in osteoclastogenesis. However, the quantification of receptor activator of NF-κB ligand (RANKL) and osteoprotegerin ... Read more >>

Am J Pathol (The American journal of pathology)
[2017, 187(8):1686-1699]

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A New Clinically Relevant T-Score Standard to Interpret Bone Status in a Sheep Model.

Christian Heiss, Stefanie Kern, Deeksha Malhan, Wolfgang Böcker, Markus Engelhardt, Diaa Eldin S Daghma, Sabine Stoetzel, Jakob Schmitt, Matthias Ivo, Vivien Kauschke, Katrin S Lips, Kamen Tushtev, Kurosch Rezwan, Thaqif El Khassawna,

BACKGROUND Osteoporosis is diagnosed by bone loss using a radiological parameter called T-score. Preclinical studies use DXA to evaluate bone status were the T-score is referenced on bone mineral density (BMD) values of the same animals before treatment. Clinically, the reference BMD represents values of an independent group of healthy ... Read more >>

Med Sci Monit Basic Res (Medical science monitor basic research)
[2017, 23:326-335]

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Computational segmentation of collagen fibers in bone matrix indicates bone quality in ovariectomized rat spine.

Diaa Eldin S Daghma, Deeksha Malhan, Paul Simon, Sabine Stötzel, Stefanie Kern, Fathi Hassan, Katrin Susanne Lips, Christian Heiss, Thaqif El Khassawna,

Bone loss varies according to disease and age and these variations affect bone cells and extracellular matrix. Osteoporosis rat models are widely investigated to assess mechanical and structural properties of bone; however, bone matrix proteins and their discrepant regulation of diseased and aged bone are often overlooked. The current study ... Read more >>

J Bone Miner Metab (Journal of bone and mineral metabolism)
[2018, 36(3):297-306]

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Inhibitor-mediated stabilization of the conformational structure of a histone deacetylase-like amidohydrolase.

Stefanie Kern, Daniel Riester, Christian Hildmann, Andreas Schwienhorst, Franz-Josef Meyer-Almes,

Histone deacetylases are major regulators of eukaryotic gene expression. Not unexpectedly, histone deacetylases are among the most promising targets in cancer therapy. However, despite huge efforts in histone deacetylase inhibitor design, very little is known about the impact of histone deacetylase inhibitors on enzyme stability. In this study, the conformational ... Read more >>

FEBS J (The FEBS journal)
[2007, 274(14):3578-3588]

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