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Active BRAF-V600E is the key player in generation of a sessile serrated polyp-specific DNA methylation profile.

Somaye Dehghanizadeh, Vahid Khoddami, Timothy L Mosbruger, Sue S Hammoud, Kornelia Edes, Therese S Berry, Michelle Done, Wade S Samowitz, James A DiSario, Daniel G Luba, Randall W Burt, David A Jones,

Sessile serrated polyps (SSPs) have emerged as important precursors for a large number of sporadic colorectal cancers. They are difficult to detect during colonoscopy due to their flat shape and the excessive amounts of secreted mucin that cover the polyps. The underlying genetic and epigenetic basis for the emergence of ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2018, 13(3):e0192499]

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DNA demethylase activity maintains intestinal cells in an undifferentiated state following loss of APC.

Kunal Rai, Sharmistha Sarkar, Talmage J Broadbent, Matthew Voas, Kenneth F Grossmann, Lincoln D Nadauld, Somaye Dehghanizadeh, Fanuel T Hagos, Yumei Li, Rachel K Toth, Stephanie Chidester, Timothy M Bahr, W Evan Johnson, Brad Sklow, Randall Burt, Bradley R Cairns, David A Jones,

Although genome-wide hypomethylation is a hallmark of many cancers, roles for active DNA demethylation during tumorigenesis are unknown. Here, loss of the APC tumor suppressor gene causes upregulation of a DNA demethylase system and the concomitant hypomethylation of key intestinal cell fating genes. Notably, this hypomethylation maintained zebrafish intestinal cells ... Read more >>

Cell (Cell)
[2010, 142(6):930-942]

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A two-step model for colon adenoma initiation and progression caused by APC loss.

Reid A Phelps, Stephanie Chidester, Somaye Dehghanizadeh, Jason Phelps, Imelda T Sandoval, Kunal Rai, Talmage Broadbent, Sharmistha Sarkar, Randall W Burt, David A Jones,

Aberrant Wnt/beta-catenin signaling following loss of the tumor suppressor adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) is thought to initiate colon adenoma formation. Using zebrafish and human cells, we show that homozygous loss of APC causes failed intestinal cell differentiation but that this occurs in the absence of nuclear beta-catenin and increased intestinal ... Read more >>

Cell (Cell)
[2009, 137(4):623-634]

Cited: 165 times

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Development of transgenic mice expressing calcitonin as a beta-lactoglobulin fusion protein in mammary gland.

Ahmadreza Niavarani, Somaye Dehghanizadeh, Sirous Zeinali, Mohsen Karimi, Marc Magliano, Minoo Rassoulzadegan,

Expression of foreign proteins in mammalian milk is becoming a widespread strategy for high-level production of recombinant pharmaceuticals, especially those with the most complex post-translational modifications. A milk-specific ovine beta-lactoglobulin (oBLG) promoter was used to drive expression of recombinant calcitonin in mouse milk. A gene construct was generated, consisting of ... Read more >>

Transgenic Res. (Transgenic research)
[2005, 14(5):719-727]

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