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Use of Human Intestinal Enteroids to Evaluate Persistence of Infectious Human Norovirus in Seawater.

Marion Desdouits, David Polo, Cecile Le Mennec, Sofia Strubbia, Xi-Lei Zeng, Khalil Ettayebi, Robert L Atmar, Mary K Estes, Fran├žoise S Le Guyader,

Little data on the persistence of human norovirus infectivity are available to predict its transmissibility. Using human intestinal enteroids, we demonstrate that 2 human norovirus strains can remain infectious for several weeks in seawater. Such experiments can improve understanding of factors associated with norovirus survival in coastal waters and shellfish. ... Read more >>

Emerg Infect Dis (Emerging infectious diseases)
[2022, 28(7):1475-1479]

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Novel opportunities for NGS-based one health surveillance of foodborne viruses.

Marion Desdouits, Miranda de Graaf, Sofia Strubbia, Bas B Oude Munnink, Annelies Kroneman, Fran├žoise S Le Guyader, Marion P G Koopmans,

Foodborne viral infections rank among the top 5 causes of disease, with noroviruses and hepatitis A causing the greatest burden globally. Contamination of foods by infected food handlers or through environmental pollution are the main sources of foodborne illness, with a lesser role for consumption of products from infected animals. ... Read more >>

One Health Outlook (One health outlook)
[2020, 2:14]

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