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Glucosylation prevents plant defense activation in phloem-feeding insects.

Osnat Malka, Michael L A E Easson, Christian Paetz, Monika Götz, Michael Reichelt, Beate Stein, Katrin Luck, Aleksa Stanišić, Ksenia Juravel, Diego Santos-Garcia, Lilach L Mondaca, Simon Springate, John Colvin, Stephan Winter, Jonathan Gershenzon, Shai Morin, Daniel G Vassão,

The metabolic adaptations by which phloem-feeding insects counteract plant defense compounds are poorly known. Two-component plant defenses, such as glucosinolates, consist of a glucosylated protoxin that is activated by a glycoside hydrolase upon plant damage. Phloem-feeding herbivores are not generally believed to be negatively impacted by two-component defenses due to ... Read more >>

Nat Chem Biol (Nature chemical biology)
[2020, :]

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Enhanced West Nile virus surveillance in the North Kent marshes, UK.

Alexander G C Vaux, Gabriella Gibson, Luis M Hernandez-Triana, Robert A Cheke, Fiona McCracken, Claire L Jeffries, Daniel L Horton, Simon Springate, Nicholas Johnson, Anthony R Fooks, Steve Leach, Jolyon M Medlock,

As part of efforts to more fully understand the potential risks posed by West Nile virus (WNV) and Usutu virus (USUV) in the UK, and following on from previous reports of a potential bridge vector Culex modestus for these viruses, at wetland sites in North Kent, mosquito surveillance was undertaken ... Read more >>

Parasit Vectors (Parasites & vectors)
[2015, 8:91]

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Pyrethroid insecticide resistance in British populations of the cabbage whitefly, Aleyrodes proletella.

Simon Springate, John Colvin,

BACKGROUND: The cabbage whitefly, Aleyrodes proletella L., is emerging as a significant pest of field brassica crops in certain regions of the United Kingdom. In order to investigate the contribution of pesticide resistance to this phenomenon, A. proletella populations were sampled from five different areas in England in 2008 and ... Read more >>

Pest Manag. Sci. (Pest management science)
[2012, 68(2):260-267]

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