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Cell-free DNA comparative analysis of genomic landscape of first-line hormone-receptor positive metastatic breast cancer from US and China

Xiao-Ran Liu, Davis Andrew, Feng Xie, Xinyu Gui, Yifei Chen, Qiang Zhang, Lorenzo Gerratana, Youbin Zhang, Ami Shah, Amir Behdad, Firas Wehbe, Yong Huang, Jianjun Yu, Pan Du, Shidong Jia, Huiping Li, Massimo Cristofanilli,

<h4>Purpose: </h4> Comparison of mutation landscape across ethnics using the identical detecting platform is important. We explored the differential genomic landscape of patients with hormone-receptor positive (HR+), HER2-negative MBC of first line recurrence or Stage IV at diagnosis from the United States (US) and China (CN). <h4>Methods: </h4> Twenty-seven US ... Read more >>

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Urinary Molecular Pathology for Patients with Newly Diagnosed Urothelial Bladder Cancer.

Ruiyun Zhang, Jingyu Zang, Feng Xie, Yue Zhang, Yiqiu Wang, Ying Jing, Yi Zhang, Zhaoxiong Chen, Akezhouli Shahatiaili, Mei-Chun Cai, Zhixin Zhao, Pan Du, Shidong Jia, Guanglei Zhuang, Haige Chen,

<h4>Purpose</h4>Next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based profiling of both urinary tumor DNA (utDNA) and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) shows promise for noninvasive detection and surveillance of urothelial bladder cancer (UBC). However, the analytic performance of these assays remains undefined in the real-world setting. Here, we sought to evaluate the concordance between tumor DNA ... Read more >>

J Urol (The Journal of urology)
[2021, :101097JU0000000000001878]

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Prognostic Value of the TP53 Mutation Location in Metastatic Breast Cancer as Detected by Next-Generation Sequencing.

Han Bai, Jianjun Yu, Shidong Jia, Xiaoran Liu, Xu Liang, Huiping Li,

<h4>Purpose</h4>The status of <i>TP53</i> mutations was measured in cell-free DNA from patients with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) to investigate disease characteristics and the prognostic role of different locations of the <i>TP53</i> mutation site.<h4>Patients and methods</h4>Blood samples were taken from a total of 187 patients diagnosed with MBC who were treated ... Read more >>

Cancer Manag Res (Cancer management and research)
[2021, 13:3303-3316]

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Combined Cell-free DNA and RNA Profiling of the Androgen Receptor: Clinical Utility of a Novel Multianalyte Liquid Biopsy Assay for Metastatic Prostate Cancer.

Heidi Fettke, Edmond M Kwan, Maria M Docanto, Patricia Bukczynska, Nicole Ng, Lisa-Jane K Graham, Kate Mahon, Christine Hauser, Winston Tan, Xiao Hong Wang, Zhixin Zhao, Tiantian Zheng, Kemin Zhou, Pan Du, Jianjun Yu, Yong Huang, Shidong Jia, Manish Kohli, Lisa G Horvath, Arun A Azad,

<h4>Background</h4>The androgen receptor (AR) remains a critical driver in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). Profiling AR aberrations in both circulating DNA and RNA may identify key predictive and/or prognostic biomarkers in the context of contemporary systemic therapy.<h4>Objective</h4>To profile AR aberrations in circulating nucleic acids and correlate with clinical outcomes.<h4>Design, setting, ... Read more >>

Eur Urol (European urology)
[2020, 78(2):173-180]

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Clinical and genomic insights into circulating tumor DNA-based alterations across the spectrum of metastatic hormone-sensitive and castrate-resistant prostate cancer.

Manish Kohli, Winston Tan, Tiantian Zheng, Amy Wang, Carlos Montesinos, Calven Wong, Pan Du, Shidong Jia, Siddhartha Yadav, Lisa G Horvath, Kate L Mahon, Edmond M Kwan, Heidi Fettke, Jianjun Yu, Arun A Azad,

<h4>Background</h4>Metastatic prostate cancer is a clonally heterogeneous disease state characterized by progressive somatic perturbations. The aim of this study was to identify cell free DNA- (cfDNA-) based alterations and their associations with outcomes in progressive metastatic prostate cancer.<h4>Methods</h4>In this longitudinal prospective cohort study plasma cfDNA/circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) was analyzed ... Read more >>

EBioMedicine (EBioMedicine)
[2020, 54:102728]

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Chromosomal Instability Estimation Based on Next Generation Sequencing and Single Cell Genome Wide Copy Number Variation Analysis.

Stephanie B Greene, Angel E Dago, Laura J Leitz, Yipeng Wang, Jerry Lee, Shannon L Werner, Steven Gendreau, Premal Patel, Shidong Jia, Liangxuan Zhang, Eric K Tucker, Michael Malchiodi, Ryon P Graf, Ryan Dittamore, Dena Marrinucci, Mark Landers,

Genomic instability is a hallmark of cancer often associated with poor patient outcome and resistance to targeted therapy. Assessment of genomic instability in bulk tumor or biopsy can be complicated due to sample availability, surrounding tissue contamination, or tumor heterogeneity. The Epic Sciences circulating tumor cell (CTC) platform utilizes a ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2016, 11(11):e0165089]

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Corrigendum: Essential roles of PI(3)K-p110β in cell growth, metabolism and tumorigenesis.

Shidong Jia, Zhenning Liu, Sen Zhang, Pixu Liu, Lei Zhang, Sang Hyun Lee, Jing Zhang, Sabina Signoretti, Massimo Loda, Thomas M Roberts, Jean J Zhao,

Nature (Nature)
[2016, 533(7602):278]

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Onward to 2016.

Shidong Jia, Antonio Chiesi, Winston Patrick Kuo,

J Circ Biomark (Journal of circulating biomarkers)
[2016, 5:2]

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In reply.

Shidong Jia, Liangxuan Zhang, Gary J Latham,

Oncologist (The oncologist)
[2015, 20(5):e12]

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Year of Expanding into Circulating Biomarkers.

Shidong Jia, Winston Patrick Kuo,

This editorial article summarizes the achievements and current challenges for the <i>Journal of Circulating Biomarkers</i> (JCB) regarding a more strategic approach to branding and attracting a high quality variety of articles. More emphasis is placed on fostering engagement with academic and industry sources operating at the cutting-edge of translational technologies ... Read more >>

J Circ Biomark (Journal of circulating biomarkers)
[2015, 4:1]

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Profiling cancer gene mutations in clinical formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded colorectal tumor specimens using targeted next-generation sequencing.

Liangxuan Zhang, Liangjing Chen, Sachin Sah, Gary J Latham, Rajesh Patel, Qinghua Song, Hartmut Koeppen, Rachel Tam, Erica Schleifman, Haider Mashhedi, Sreedevi Chalasani, Ling Fu, Teiko Sumiyoshi, Rajiv Raja, William Forrest, Garret M Hampton, Mark R Lackner, Priti Hegde, Shidong Jia,

<h4>Purpose</h4>The success of precision oncology relies on accurate and sensitive molecular profiling. The Ion AmpliSeq Cancer Panel, a targeted enrichment method for next-generation sequencing (NGS) using the Ion Torrent platform, provides a fast, easy, and cost-effective sequencing workflow for detecting genomic "hotspot" regions that are frequently mutated in human cancer ... Read more >>

Oncologist (The oncologist)
[2014, 19(4):336-343]

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Emerging technologies in extracellular vesicle-based molecular diagnostics.

Shidong Jia, Davide Zocco, Michael L Samuels, Michael F Chou, Roger Chammas, Johan Skog, Natasa Zarovni, Fatemeh Momen-Heravi, Winston Patrick Kuo,

Extracellular vesicles (EVs), including exosomes and microvesicles, have been shown to carry a variety of biomacromolecules including mRNA, microRNA and other non-coding RNAs. Within the past 5 years, EVs have emerged as a promising minimally invasive novel source of material for molecular diagnostics. Although EVs can be easily identified and ... Read more >>

Expert Rev Mol Diagn (Expert review of molecular diagnostics)
[2014, 14(3):307-321]

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Development of a robust flow cytometry-based pharmacodynamic assay to detect phospho-protein signals for phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitors in multiple myeloma.

Congfen Li, Chikara Takahashi, Liangxuan Zhang, Mahrukh Huseni, Basha Stankovich, Haider Mashhedi, Joanna Lee, Dorothy French, Jeff Eastham Anderson, Doris Kim, Kathy Howell, Matthew J Brauer, Marcin Kowanetz, Yibing Yan, Eric Humke, Allen Ebens, Garret Hampton, Mark R Lackner, Priti Hegde, Shidong Jia,

<h4>Background</h4>The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) pathway plays an important role in multiple myeloma (MM), a blood cancer associated with uncontrolled proliferation of bone marrow plasma cells. This study aimed to develop a robust clinical pharmacodynamic (PD) assay to measure the on-target PD effects of the selective PI3K inhibitor GDC-0941 in MM ... Read more >>

J Transl Med (Journal of translational medicine)
[2013, 11:76]

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Opposing effects of androgen deprivation and targeted therapy on prostate cancer prevention.

Shidong Jia, Xueliang Gao, Sang Hyun Lee, Sauveur-Michel Maira, Xiaoqiu Wu, Edward C Stack, Sabina Signoretti, Massimo Loda, Jean J Zhao, Thomas M Roberts,

<h4>Unlabelled</h4>Prostate cancer is an ideal target for chemoprevention. To date, chemoprevention clinical trials with 5α-reductase inhibitors have yielded encouraging yet ultimately confounding results. Using a preclinical mouse model of high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HG-PIN) induced by PTEN loss, we observed unprecedented deteriorating effects of androgen deprivation, in which surgical castration ... Read more >>

Cancer Discov (Cancer discovery)
[2013, 3(1):44-51]

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Prostate cancer - a biomarker perspective.

Yanqiu Liu, Priti Hegde, Fengmin Zhang, Garret Hampton, Shidong Jia,

Despite early detection and reduced risk of death, prostate cancer still remains the second leading cause of cancer death in American men. There is currently no cure for advanced prostate cancer. The multistage, stochastic and highly heterogeneous nature of prostate cancer, coupled with genetic and epigenetic alterations that occur during ... Read more >>

Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) (Frontiers in endocrinology)
[2012, 3:72]

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Transgenic expression of polyomavirus middle T antigen in the mouse prostate gives rise to carcinoma.

Sang Hyun Lee, Shidong Jia, Yanni Zhu, Tamara Utermark, Sabina Signoretti, Massimo Loda, Brian Schaffhausen, Thomas M Roberts,

The middle T (MT) antigen of polyomavirus has provided fundamental insights into the regulation of mammalian cell growth in vitro and important animal models for the analysis of tumor induction. The mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV)-MT model of breast cancer has been important for probing the cellular signaling pathways in ... Read more >>

J Virol (Journal of virology)
[2011, 85(11):5581-5592]

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A constitutively activated form of the p110beta isoform of PI3-kinase induces prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia in mice.

Sang Hyun Lee, George Poulogiannis, Saumyadipta Pyne, Shidong Jia, Lihua Zou, Sabina Signoretti, Massimo Loda, Lewis Clayton Cantley, Thomas M Roberts,

Recent work has shown that ablation of p110beta, but not p110alpha, markedly impairs tumorigenesis driven by loss of phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) in the mouse prostate. Other laboratories have reported complementary data in human prostate tumor lines, suggesting that p110beta activation is necessary for tumorigenesis driven by PTEN loss. ... Read more >>

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)
[2010, 107(24):11002-11007]

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Should individual PI3 kinase isoforms be targeted in cancer?

Shidong Jia, Thomas M Roberts, Jean J Zhao,

Activation of the phosphoinositide-3-kinase (PI3K) signaling pathway is frequently found in common human cancers, brought about by oncogenic receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) acting upstream, PTEN loss, or activating mutations of PI3K itself. Recent studies have delineated distinct but overlapping functions in cell signaling and tumorigenesis for p110alpha and p110beta, the ... Read more >>

Curr Opin Cell Biol (Current opinion in cell biology)
[2009, 21(2):199-208]

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Essential roles of PI(3)K-p110beta in cell growth, metabolism and tumorigenesis.

Shidong Jia, Zhenning Liu, Sen Zhang, Pixu Liu, Lei Zhang, Sang Hyun Lee, Jing Zhang, Sabina Signoretti, Massimo Loda, Thomas M Roberts, Jean J Zhao,

On activation by receptors, the ubiquitously expressed class IA isoforms (p110alpha and p110beta) of phosphatidylinositol-3-OH kinase (PI(3)K) generate lipid second messengers, which initiate multiple signal transduction cascades. Recent studies have demonstrated specific functions for p110alpha in growth factor and insulin signalling. To probe for distinct functions of p110beta, we constructed ... Read more >>

Nature (Nature)
[2008, 454(7205):776-779]

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The p110alpha isoform of PI3K is essential for proper growth factor signaling and oncogenic transformation.

Jean J Zhao, Hailing Cheng, Shidong Jia, Li Wang, Ole V Gjoerup, Aki Mikami, Thomas M Roberts,

Growth factor signaling is mediated through Class IA phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases (PI3Ks). Among this class of enzymes, only p110alpha, encoded by the PIK3CA gene, has been found to be mutant in human cancers. To determine the specific functions of p110alpha, we generated mice carrying a conditionally targeted allele of the PIK3CA ... Read more >>

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)
[2006, 103(44):16296-16300]

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Dual role of sumoylation in the nuclear localization and transcriptional activation of NFAT1.

Yasuhito Terui, Natalie Saad, Shidong Jia, Frank McKeon, Junying Yuan,

The nuclear import of nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) transcription factors is critical for regulating NFAT activity. Here we demonstrate that the sumoylation of NFAT1 defines a novel mechanism of the nuclear anchorage and transcriptional activation downstream from the known mechanism of calcineurin-mediated dephosphorylation and nuclear import. We ... Read more >>

J Biol Chem (The Journal of biological chemistry)
[2004, 279(27):28257-28265]

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