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Clinical Reasoning: A 61-year-old woman with acute onset dysgraphia.

LaTangela R Smith, Necrisha N C Roach, Sherita Chapman Smith,

Neurology (Neurology)
[2019, 92(4):e386-e391]

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Development and Evaluation of a User-Centered Mobile Telestroke Platform.

Sherita N Chapman Smith, Pamela C Brown, Kaitlynne H Waits, Jason S Wong, Muhammad S Bhatti, Qaiser Toqeer, Jamie V Ricks, Michelle L Stockner, Tsion Habtamu, Joshnamaithili Seelam, Rashon C Britt, Jacob M Giovia, Baaba K Blankson, Poanna Bennam, Mirinda A Gormley, Juan Lu, Joseph P Ornato,

Background: Reperfusion is the most effective acute treatment for ischemic stroke within a narrow therapeutic time window. Ambulance-based telestroke is a novel way to improve stroke diagnosis and timeliness of treatment. This study aims to (1) assess the usability of our ambulance-based telestroke platform and (2) identify strengths and limitations ... Read more >>

Telemed J E Health (Telemedicine journal and e-health : the official journal of the American Telemedicine Association)
[2019, 25(7):638-648]

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COL4A2 is associated with lacunar ischemic stroke and deep ICH: Meta-analyses among 21,500 cases and 40,600 controls.

Kristiina Rannikmäe, Vhinoth Sivakumaran, Henry Millar, Rainer Malik, Christopher D Anderson, Mike Chong, Tushar Dave, Guido J Falcone, Israel Fernandez-Cadenas, Jordi Jimenez-Conde, Arne Lindgren, Joan Montaner, Martin O'Donnell, Guillaume Paré, Farid Radmanesh, Natalia S Rost, Agnieszka Slowik, Martin Söderholm, Matthew Traylor, Sara L Pulit, Sudha Seshadri, Brad B Worrall, Daniel Woo, Hugh S Markus, Braxton D Mitchell, Martin Dichgans, Jonathan Rosand, Cathie L M Sudlow, ,

OBJECTIVE:To determine whether common variants in familial cerebral small vessel disease (SVD) genes confer risk of sporadic cerebral SVD. METHODS:We meta-analyzed genotype data from individuals of European ancestry to determine associations of common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in 6 familial cerebral SVD genes (COL4A1, COL4A2, NOTCH3, HTRA1, TREX1, and CECR1) ... Read more >>

Neurology (Neurology)
[2017, 89(17):1829-1839]

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A low-cost, tablet-based option for prehospital neurologic assessment: The iTREAT Study.

Sherita N Chapman Smith, Prasanthi Govindarajan, Matthew M Padrick, Jason M Lippman, Timothy L McMurry, Brian L Resler, Kevin Keenan, Brian S Gunnell, Prachi Mehndiratta, Christina Y Chee, Elizabeth A Cahill, Cameron Dietiker, David C Cattell-Gordon, Wade S Smith, Debra G Perina, Nina J Solenski, Bradford B Worrall, Andrew M Southerland, ,

OBJECTIVES:In this 2-center study, we assessed the technical feasibility and reliability of a low cost, tablet-based mobile telestroke option for ambulance transport and hypothesized that the NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) could be performed with similar reliability between remote and bedside examinations. METHODS:We piloted our mobile telemedicine system in 2 geographic ... Read more >>

Neurology (Neurology)
[2016, 87(1):19-26]

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Loci associated with ischaemic stroke and its subtypes (SiGN): a genome-wide association study.

, ,

The discovery of disease-associated loci through genome-wide association studies (GWAS) is the leading genetic approach to the identification of novel biological pathways underlying diseases in humans. Until recently, GWAS in ischaemic stroke have been limited by small sample sizes and have yielded few loci associated with ischaemic stroke. We did ... Read more >>

Lancet Neurol (The Lancet. Neurology)
[2016, 15(2):174-184]

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Etiologic stroke subtypes: updated definition and efficient workup strategies.

Prachi Mehndiratta, Sherita Chapman Smith, Bradford B Worrall,

Stroke affects approximately 16.9 million individuals per year worldwide and is the second leading cause of death. Stroke represents a family of related, but distinct subtypes. Classifying stroke subtypes must take into account various aspects of a standardized stroke workup to allow optimization of treatment and prevention strategies. Secondary prevention ... Read more >>

Curr Treat Options Cardiovasc Med (Current treatment options in cardiovascular medicine)
[2015, 17(1):357]

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