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The Real-World CONSEQUENT ALL COMERS Study: Predictors for Target Lesion Revascularization and Mortality in an Unselected Patient Population.

Ralf Langhoff, Jawed Arjumand, Matthias Waliszewski, Peter Reimer, Dirk Härtel, Christian Hohl, Werner Raut, Sebastian Romani, Jesús Alós, Esaú Martínez, Albrecht Schmidt, Shaiful Azmi Yahya, Hadi Riazi, Grigorios Korosoglou,

We evaluated the safety and efficacy of a resveratrol-paclitaxel-coated peripheral balloon catheter in an all-comer patient cohort undergoing endovascular treatment of above-the-knee and below-the-knee peripheral artery disease. CONSEQUENT ALL COMERS (Clinical Post-Market Clinical Follow-up [PMCF] on Peripheral Arteries treated with SeQuent Please OTW [Over-the Wire]) is a prospective, single-arm, multicenter ... Read more >>

Angiology (Angiology)
[2021, :3319721997314]

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