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Effects of Drugs and Excipients on Hydration Status.

Ana M Puga, Sara Lopez-Oliva, Carmen Trives, Teresa Partearroyo, Gregorio Varela-Moreiras,

Despite being the most essential nutrient, water is commonly forgotten in the fields of pharmacy and nutrition. Hydration status is determined by water balance (the difference between water input and output). Hypohydration or negative water balance is affected by numerous factors, either internal (i.e., a lack of thirst sensation) or ... Read more >>

Nutrients (Nutrients)
[2019, 11(3):]

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Body Composition, Dietary, and Gustatory Function Assessment in People With Alzheimer's Disease.

Ismael San Mauro Martín, Víctor Paredes Barato, Sara López Oliva, Marta Rodríguez, Luis Collado Yurrita, Maria José Ciudad Cabañas, Sara Sanz Rojo, Licia de la Calle, Elena Ávila Díaz, Yaiza Quevedo Santos, Paloma Elortegui Pascual, Marta Villanueva Nieto, Elena Garicano Vilar,

OBJECTIVES:Observe the association of foods habits, body composition, lifestyle habits, and loss of gustatory function with Alzheimer's disease (AD). METHODS:This comparative study enrolled 75 patients with AD (mean age 77.5 years) and 267 healthy volunteers (mean age 73 years). Weight, height, body mass index (BMI), body fat, visceral fat, muscle ... Read more >>

Am J Alzheimers Dis Other Demen (American journal of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias)
[2018, 33(8):508-515]

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