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Risk and Resilience in Pediatric Pain: The Roles of Parent and Adolescent Catastrophizing and Acceptance.

Amanda B Feinstein, John A Sturgeon, Rashmi P Bhandari, Isabel A Yoon, Alexandra C Ross, Samantha E Huestis, Anya T Griffin, Laura E Simons,

<h4>Objectives</h4>Both pediatric and parent pain catastrophizing and pain acceptance are key factors associated with pediatric pain outcomes; however, the interactive effects of these factors within the parent-child dyad have yet to be tested. The aims of this study were to examine: (1) the mediating role of child catastrophizing between parent ... Read more >>

Clin J Pain (The Clinical journal of pain)
[2018, 34(12):1096-1105]

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Multi-Family Pediatric Pain Group Therapy: Capturing Acceptance and Cultivating Change.

Samantha E Huestis, Grace Kao, Ashley Dunn, Austin T Hilliard, Isabel A Yoon, Brenda Golianu, Rashmi P Bhandari,

Behavioral health interventions for pediatric chronic pain include cognitive-behavioral (CBT), acceptance and commitment (ACT), and family-based therapies, though literature regarding multi-family therapy (MFT) is sparse. This investigation examined the utility and outcomes of the Courage to Act with Pain: Teens Identifying Values, Acceptance, and Treatment Effects (CAPTIVATE) program, which included ... Read more >>

Children (Basel) (Children (Basel, Switzerland))
[2017, 4(12):]

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Traumatic Stress and Pediatric Pain: Towards a Neurobiological Stress-Health Perspective.

Grace S Kao, Rashmi Parekh Bhandari, Samantha E Huestis, Brenda Golianu,

This theoretical review aims to present the limited findings on traumatic stress and pain in children and adolescents, highlight recent discoveries regarding neurobiological processes, and suggest an alternative stress-health perspective in the future study and conceptualization of pediatric pain and traumatic stress based on results. Current literature highlights a positive ... Read more >>

J Child Adolesc Trauma (Journal of child & adolescent trauma)
[2018, 11(2):249-255]

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Pediatric-Collaborative Health Outcomes Information Registry (Peds-CHOIR): a learning health system to guide pediatric pain research and treatment.

Rashmi P Bhandari, Amanda B Feinstein, Samantha E Huestis, Elliot J Krane, Ashley L Dunn, Lindsey L Cohen, Ming C Kao, Beth D Darnall, Sean C Mackey,

The pediatric adaptation of the Collaborative Health Outcomes Information Registry (Peds-CHOIR) is a free, open-source, flexible learning health care system (LHS) that meets the call by the Institute of Medicine for the development of national registries to guide research and precision pain medicine. This report is a technical account of ... Read more >>

Pain (Pain)
[2016, 157(9):2033-2044]

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Potential chemotherapy side effects: what do oncologists tell parents?

Lisa Ysela Ramirez, Samantha E Huestis, Tsiao Yi Yap, Stephen Zyzanski, Dennis Drotar, Eric Kodish,

<h4>Background</h4>In order to determine the number of short-term side effects and late effects discussed during an informed consent conference (ICC) after the diagnosis of acute leukemia, we observed the occurrence(s) and the ratio between short-term side effects versus late effects during an ICC.<h4>Procedure</h4>ICC(s) of childhood leukemia trials were audio-taped at ... Read more >>

Pediatr Blood Cancer (Pediatric blood & cancer)
[2009, 52(4):497-502]

Cited: 35 times

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