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Patient Satisfaction with Colonoscopy Without a Preprocedure Visit.

Sally Adel Itawi, Emiko Jamie Hayakawa, William Phillip Leonard Main, Bruce Alan Kerner,

Am Surg (The American surgeon)
[2020, :3134820950293]

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The Religious and Spiritual Needs of Patients in the Hospital Setting Do Not Depend on Patient Level of Religious/Spiritual Observance and Should be Initiated by Healthcare Providers.

Ibtissam Gad, Xiao-Wei Cherie Tan, Sarah Williams, Sally Itawi, Layth Dahbour, Zachary Rotter, Graham Mitro, Courtney Rusch, Sara Perkins, Imran Ali,

According to many studies, addressing the religious and spiritual (R/S) needs of patient's increase patient satisfaction. One area of interest is how patient self-perceived level of religiosity and spirituality (R/S) influences hospital needs. In this cross-sectional study, 195 inpatients at a non-faith-based academic hospital in Toledo, OH, USA completed surveys ... Read more >>

J Relig Health (Journal of religion and health)
[2022, 61(2):1120-1138]

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