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Osteocytes Influence on Bone Matrix Integrity Affects Biomechanical Competence at Bone-Implant Interface of Bioactive-Coated Titanium Implants in Rat Tibiae.

Sabine Stoetzel, Deeksha Malhan, Ute Wild, Christian Helbing, Fathi Hassan, Sameh Attia, Klaus D Jandt, Christian Heiss, Thaqif El Khassawna,

Osseointegration is a prerequisite for the long-term success of implants. Titanium implants are preferred for their biocompatibility and mechanical properties. Nonetheless, the need for early and immediate loading requires enhancing these properties by adding bioactive coatings. In this preclinical study, extracellular matrix properties and cellular balance at the implant/bone interface ... Read more >>

Int J Mol Sci (International journal of molecular sciences)
[2021, 23(1):]

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DXA reference values of the humanoid sheep model in preclinical studies.

Christoph Biehl, Jakob Schmitt, Sabine Stoetzel, Deeksha Malhan, Fathi Hassan, Gero Knapp, Christian Heiss, Thaqif El Khassawna,

<h4>Background</h4>Merino land sheep are a popular pre-clinical large animal model in research on systemic skeletal diseases such as osteoporosis. Interpretation of studies is difficult because many reference parameters are missing or not established. This study aims to determine the reference parameters of the skeletal system (peak bone mass = PBM, ... Read more >>

PeerJ (PeerJ)
[2021, 9:e11183]

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A New Clinically Relevant T-Score Standard to Interpret Bone Status in a Sheep Model.

Christian Heiss, Stefanie Kern, Deeksha Malhan, Wolfgang Böcker, Markus Engelhardt, Diaa Eldin S Daghma, Sabine Stoetzel, Jakob Schmitt, Matthias Ivo, Vivien Kauschke, Katrin S Lips, Kamen Tushtev, Kurosch Rezwan, Thaqif El Khassawna,

BACKGROUND Osteoporosis is diagnosed by bone loss using a radiological parameter called T-score. Preclinical studies use DXA to evaluate bone status were the T-score is referenced on bone mineral density (BMD) values of the same animals before treatment. Clinically, the reference BMD represents values of an independent group of healthy ... Read more >>

Med Sci Monit Basic Res (Medical science monitor basic research)
[2017, 23:326-335]

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Osteocyte Regulation of Receptor Activator of NF-κB Ligand/Osteoprotegerin in a Sheep Model of Osteoporosis.

Thaqif El Khassawna, Felix Merboth, Deeksha Malhan, Wolfgang Böcker, Diaa E S Daghma, Sabine Stoetzel, Stefanie Kern, Fathi Hassan, Dirk Rosenbaum, Judith Langenstein, Natali Bauer, Anja Schlagenhauf, Angela Rösen-Wolff, Felix Schulze, Markus Rupp, Dirk Hose, Anja Secklinger, Anita Ignatius, Hans-Joachim Wilke, Katrin S Lips, Christian Heiss,

Osteoporosis induction in a sheep model by steroid administration combined with ovariectomy recapitulates decreased bone formation and substandard matrix mineralization in patients. Recently, the role of osteocytes has been frequently addressed, with focus on their role in osteoclastogenesis. However, the quantification of receptor activator of NF-κB ligand (RANKL) and osteoprotegerin ... Read more >>

Am J Pathol (The American journal of pathology)
[2017, 187(8):1686-1699]

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Postembedding Decalcification of Mineralized Tissue Sections Preserves the Integrity of Implanted Biomaterials and Minimizes Number of Experimental Animals.

Thaqif El Khassawna, Diaa Eldin S Daghma, Sabine Stoetzel, Seemun Ray, Stefanie Kern, Deeksha Malhan, Volker Alt, Ulrich Thormann, Anja Henß, Marcus Rohnke, Annette Stengel, Fathi Hassan, Stefan Maenz, Klaus D Jandt, Michael Diefenbeck, Matthias Schumacher, Michael Gelinsky, Katrin Susanne Lips, Christian Heiss,

Bone histology of decalcified or undecalcified samples depends on the investigation. However, in research each method provides different information to answer the scientific question. Decalcification is the first step after sample fixation and governs what analysis is later feasible on the sections. Besides, decalcification is favored for immunostaining and in ... Read more >>

Biomed Res Int (BioMed research international)
[2017, 2017:2023853]

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