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The association of nonaccidental trauma with historical factors, examination findings, and diagnostic testing during the initial trauma evaluation.

Mauricio A Escobar, Katherine T Flynn-O╩╝Brien, Marc Auerbach, Gunjan Tiyyagura, Matthew A Borgman, Susan J Duffy, Kelly S Falcone, Rita V Burke, John M Cox, Sabine A Maguire,

J Trauma Acute Care Surg (The journal of trauma and acute care surgery)
[2017, 82(6):1147-1157]

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Suicidality among preadolescent maltreated children in foster care.

Heather N Taussig, Scott B Harpin, Sabine A Maguire,

This study sought to determine the prevalence of suicidal ideation, plans, and attempts among 515 preadolescent (aged 9-11 years) maltreated children who entered foster care within the prior year. Over a quarter (26.4%) of the children had a history of suicidality according to their own and/or their caregiver's report, 4.1% ... Read more >>

Child Maltreat (Child maltreatment)
[2014, 19(1):17-26]

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Characteristics of child dental neglect: a systematic review.

Shannu K Bhatia, Sabine A Maguire, Barbara L Chadwick, M Lindsay Hunter, Jennifer C Harris, Vanessa Tempest, Mala K Mann, Alison M Kemp,

Neglect of a child's oral health can lead to pain, poor growth and impaired quality of life. In populations where there is a high prevalence of dental caries, the determination of which children are experiencing dental neglect is challenging. This systematic review aims to identify the features of oral neglect ... Read more >>

J Dent (Journal of dentistry)
[2014, 42(3):229-239]

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Do chest compressions during simulated infant CPR comply with international recommendations?

Philip Stephen Martin, Alison Mary Kemp, Peter S Theobald, Sabine A Maguire, Michael D Jones,

BACKGROUND: Morbidity and mortality remain high following infant cardiac arrest. Optimal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is therefore imperative. OBJECTIVE: Comparison of two-thumb (TT) and two-finger (TF) infant chest compression technique compliance with international recommendations. DESIGN: Randomised cross-over experimental study. METHODS: Twenty-two certified Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) instructors performed 2 min ... Read more >>

Arch. Dis. Child. (Archives of disease in childhood)
[2013, 98(8):576-581]

Cited: 19 times

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Does a more "physiological" infant manikin design effect chest compression quality and create a potential for thoracic over-compression during simulated infant CPR?

Philip S Martin, Alison M Kemp, Peter S Theobald, Sabine A Maguire, Michael D Jones,

Poor survivability following infant cardiac arrest has been attributed to poor quality chest compressions. Current infant CPR manikins, used to teach and revise chest compression technique, appear to limit maximum compression depths (CDmax) to 40 mm. This study evaluates the effect of a more "physiological" CDmax on chest compression quality ... Read more >>

Resuscitation (Resuscitation)
[2013, 84(5):666-671]

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Increased incidence of CPR-related rib fractures in infants - Is it related to changes in CPR technique?

Philip S Martin, Michael D Jones, Sabine A Maguire, Peter S Theobald, Alison M Kemp,

Resuscitation (Resuscitation)
[2012, 83(4):e109; author reply e111]

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Childhood protection and obesity: framework for practice.

Russell M Viner, Edna Roche, Sabine A Maguire, Dasha E Nicholls,

BMJ (BMJ (Clinical research ed.))
[2010, 341:c3074]

Cited: 3 times

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How good is the evidence available in child protection?

Jonathan R Sibert, Sabine A Maguire, Alison Mary Kemp,

Arch. Dis. Child. (Archives of disease in childhood)
[2007, 92(2):107-108]

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