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Healthy lifestyle as a preventive measure against victimization among school-going adolescents.

Nadia Shah, Saadiyah Rao, Sumera Inam, Nida Jawed, Charlotte Siiger, Syed Omair Adil, Kashif Shafique,

Background:Bullying and violence are problems of aggression in adolescents. Healthy lifestyle practices are common health promotion approaches in school settings; however, their association with aggressive behaviours in school-going adolescents is less explored. Aims:This study examined the associations of healthy lifestyle behaviours including good hygiene, physical activity, recommended diet and refrainment ... Read more >>

East. Mediterr. Health J. (Eastern Mediterranean health journal = La revue de sante de la Mediterranee orientale = al-Majallah al-sihhiyah li-sharq al-mutawassit)
[2019, 25(9):604-612]

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Nutritional and lifestyle risk behaviors and their association with mental health and violence among Pakistani adolescents: results from the National Survey of 4583 individuals.

Saadiyah Rao, Nadia Shah, Nida Jawed, Sumera Inam, Kashif Shafique,

Unhealthy behaviors are associated with mental health problems and violence in adolescents, yet their combined association has been understudied. Using the Global School Health Survey, this study examined the association between combined unhealthy behaviors (including fast food, soft drink, smoking, other tobacco products and physical inactivity) and anxiety, suicidal ideation ... Read more >>

BMC Public Health (BMC public health)
[2015, 15:431]

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Anti-smoking initiatives and current smoking among 19,643 adolescents in South Asia: findings from the Global Youth Tobacco Survey.

Saadiyah Rao, Syeda Kanwal Aslam, Sidra Zaheer, Kashif Shafique,

BACKGROUND: Cigarette smoking habit usually begins in adolescence. The developing countries in South Asia like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, where the largest segment of the population is comprised of adolescents, are more susceptible to smoking epidemic and its consequences. Therefore, it is important to identify the association between anti-smoking ... Read more >>

Harm Reduct J (Harm reduction journal)
[2014, 11:8]

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Prevalence and determinants of susceptibility to cigarette smoking among school students in Pakistan: secondary analysis of Global Youth Tobacco Survey.

Syeda Kanwal Aslam, Sidra Zaheer, Saadiyah Rao, Kashif Shafique,

BACKGROUND: Susceptibility to smoke has been recognized as a strong predictor of smoking experimentation and taking up regular smoking habit. The identification of smoking susceptible individuals and its determinants is important in the efforts to reduce future smoking prevalence. The aims of this study are to estimate prevalence of susceptibility ... Read more >>

Subst Abuse Treat Prev Policy (Substance abuse treatment, prevention, and policy)
[2014, 9:10]

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Neutrophil lymphocyte ratio as a measure of systemic inflammation in prevalent chronic diseases in Asian population.

Fauzia Imtiaz, Kashif Shafique, Saira Saeed Mirza, Zeenat Ayoob, Priya Vart, Saadiyah Rao,

BACKGROUND:Preliminary evidence has suggested the role of inflammation in development and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Most of the prognostic studies failed to account for the effects of co-morbid conditions as these might have raised the systemic inflammation. We used neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (NLR) as a measure of systemic ... Read more >>

(International archives of medicine)
[2012, 5(1):2]

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