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Metabolic parameters linked by phenotype microarray to acid resistance profiles of poultry-associated Salmonella enterica.

Jean Guard, Michael J Rothrock, Devendra H Shah, Deana R Jones, Richard K Gast, Roxana Sanchez-Ingunza, Melissa Madsen, John El-Attrache, Bwalya Lungu,

Phenotype microarrays were analyzed for 51 datasets derived from Salmonella enterica. The top 4 serotypes associated with poultry products and one associated with turkey, respectively Typhimurium, Enteritidis, Heidelberg, Infantis and Senftenberg, were represented. Datasets were partitioned initially into two clusters based on ranking by values at pH 4.5 (PM10 A03). ... Read more >>

Res. Microbiol. (Research in microbiology)
[2016, 167(9-10):745-756]

Cited: 2 times

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Recovery of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis from hens initially infected with serovar Kentucky.

Jean Guard, Roxana Sanchez-Ingunza, Devendra H Shah, Michael J Rothrock, Richard K Gast, Deana R Jones,

Salmonella enterica serovars Enteritidis and Kentucky differ greatly in epidemiology. We wanted to know if the non-pathogenic serotype Kentucky impacted the recovery of the pathogen Enteritidis from chickens. To explore this issue, 4 groups of hens were treated as follows: (i) hens were inoculated orally with Kentucky and injected intramuscularly ... Read more >>

Food Chem (Food chemistry)
[2015, 189:86-92]

Cited: 3 times

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Reduction of Salmonella Enteritidis in the spleens of hens by bacterins that vary in fimbrial protein SefD.

Roxana Sanchez-Ingunza, Jean Guard, Cesar A Morales, Alan H Icard,

The objective of this research was to determine whether variation in the presence of fimbrial protein SefD would impact efficacy of bacterins as measured by recovery of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis (Salmonella Enteritidis) from the spleens of hens. Two bacterins were prepared that varied in SefD content. Also, two adjuvants ... Read more >>

Foodborne Pathog. Dis. (Foodborne pathogens and disease)
[2015, 12(10):836-843]

Cited: 2 times

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Serotype and antimicrobial resistance patterns of Salmonella isolates from commercial birds and poultry environment in Mississippi.

Martha Pulido-Landínez, Paul Washington, Jay Kay Thornton, Yi Zhang, Roxana Sánchez-Ingunza, Alejandro Banda, Jean Guard, Vladimir P Nascimento, Danny L Magee, Michael J Mauel,

To obtain information about Salmonella from commercial birds and poultry environments within Mississippi, 50 Salmonella enterica isolates were collected and characterized by intergenic sequence ribotyping (ISR) serotyping and by determining antimicrobial resistance. ISR assigned serotype to all 50 Salmonella enterica isolates whereas the Kauffman-White-LeMinor antibody-based scheme assigned serotype to 48. ... Read more >>

Avian Dis. (Avian diseases)
[2014, 58(1):64-70]

Cited: 3 times

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Presence of Salmonella enteritidis and Salmonella gallinarum in commercial laying hens diagnosed with fowl typhoid disease in Colombia.

Martha Pulido-Landínez, Roxana Sánchez-Ingunza, Jean Guard, Vladimir Pinheiro do Nascimento,

A severe outbreak of salmonellosis in commercial brown table egg layers first occurred in Colombia in 2006. From 2008 to 2012, 35 samples collected from commercial layers farms in the states of Cundinamarca, Santander, Bolivar, and San Andres, were positive for Salmonella enterica. Salmonella was isolated from liver and spleen ... Read more >>

Avian Dis. (Avian diseases)
[2014, 58(1):165-170]

Cited: 6 times

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Comparison of dkgB-linked intergenic sequence ribotyping to DNA microarray hybridization for assigning serotype to Salmonella enterica.

Jean Guard, Roxana Sanchez-Ingunza, Cesar Morales, Tod Stewart, Karen Liljebjelke, Joann Van Kessel, Kim Ingram, Deana Jones, Charlene Jackson, Paula Fedorka-Cray, Jonathan Frye, Richard Gast, Arthur Hinton,

Two DNA-based methods were compared for the ability to assign serotype to 139 isolates of Salmonella enterica ssp. I. Intergenic sequence ribotyping (ISR) evaluated single nucleotide polymorphisms occurring in a 5S ribosomal gene region and flanking sequences bordering the gene dkgB. A DNA microarray hybridization method that assessed the presence ... Read more >>

FEMS Microbiol. Lett. (FEMS microbiology letters)
[2012, 337(1):61-72]

Cited: 16 times

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Virulence and metabolic characteristics of Salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis strains with different sefD variants in hens.

Cesar A Morales, Jean Guard, Roxana Sanchez-Ingunza, Devendra H Shah, Mark Harrison,

Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis is one of a few Salmonella enterica serotypes that has SEF14 fimbriae encoded by the sef operon, which consists of 4 cotranscribed genes, sefABCD, regulated by sefR. A parental strain was used to construct a sefD mutant and its complement, and all 3 strains were compared ... Read more >>

Appl. Environ. Microbiol. (Applied and environmental microbiology)
[2012, 78(18):6405-6412]

Cited: 4 times

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