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Symposium report: emerging threats for human health - impact of socioeconomic and climate change on zooanthroponosis in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia.

Irene Huber, Katerina Potapova, Elena Ammosova, Wolfgang Beyer, Sergey Blagodatskiy, Roman Desyatkin, Ludwig E Hoelzle, Margarita Ignateva, Ludmila Kokolova, Stefanie Lemke, Mikhail Neustroev, Ayan Nyukkanov, Galina Protodyakonova, Alexander Reshetnikov, Thomas Romig, Vyacheslav Shadrin, Izabella Samoilova, Sergey Semenov, Konstantin Stepanov, Nadezhda Tarabukina, Liliia Vinokurova, Raisa Zakharova, Konstantin Nifontov,

Population growth, socio-cultural and economic changes as well as technological progress have an immediate impact on the environment and human health in particular. Our steadily rising needs of resources increase the pressure on the environment and narrow down untainted habitats for plants and wild animals. Balance and resilience of ecosystems ... Read more >>

Int J Circumpolar Health (International journal of circumpolar health)
[2020, 79(1):1715698]

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Recent dynamics of hydro-ecosystems in thermokarst depressions in Central Siberia from satellite and in situ observations: Importance for agriculture and human life.

Elena A Zakharova, Alexei V Kouraev, Guillaso Stephane, Garestier Franck, Roman V Desyatkin, Alexey R Desyatkin,

Alases, which are thermokarst depressions that are occupied by grasslands and lakes, are an important element of the Central Yakutian periglacial landscape. In recent decades, climatic changes in Central Yakutia have resulted in important changes in environmental conditions. We use different remote-sensing instruments (Landsat 8, TerraSAR-X, ENVISAT-RA2, and Jason-2) alongside ... Read more >>

Sci. Total Environ. (The Science of the total environment)
[2018, 615:1290-1304]

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High rate of N2 fixation by East Siberian cryophilic soil bacteria as determined by measuring acetylene reduction in nitrogen-poor medium solidified with gellan gum.

Shintaro Hara, Yasuyuki Hashidoko, Roman V Desyatkin, Ryusuke Hatano, Satoshi Tahara,

For evaluating N(2) fixation of diazotrophic bacteria, nitrogen-poor liquid media supplemented with at least 0.5% sugar and 0.2% agar are widely used for acetylene reduction assays. In such a soft gel medium, however, many N(2)-fixing soil bacteria generally show only trace acetylene reduction activity. Here, we report that use of ... Read more >>

Appl. Environ. Microbiol. (Applied and environmental microbiology)
[2009, 75(9):2811-2819]

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Energy balance and its closure over a young larch forest in eastern Siberia

Tanaka, Hiyama, Kobayashi, Yabuki, Ishii, Desyatkin, Maximov, Ohta,

To elucidate the energy balance over a forest, seasonal changes in the water and energy exchanges over a young larch forest (E-YL) in eastern Siberia were investigated and compared with the reported characteristics of a mature larch forest (W-ML) in the same region. Observations of the energy fluxes were conducted ... Read more >>

(Agricultural and Forest Meteorology)
[2008, 148(12):1954-1967]

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