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Expanding the anticancer potential of 1,2,3-triazoles via simultaneously targeting Cyclooxygenase-2, 15-lipoxygenase and tumor-associated carbonic anhydrases.

Perihan A Elzahhar, Shrouk M Abd El Wahab, Mohamed Elagawany, Hoda Daabees, Ahmed S F Belal, Ahmed F El-Yazbi, Ali H Eid, Rana Alaaeddine, Rehab R Hegazy, Rasha M Allam, Maged W Helmy, Bahaa Elgendy, Andrea Angeli, Soad A El-Hawash, Claudiu T Supuran,

Cancer is a multifactorial disorder involving multiplicity of interrelated signaling pathways and molecular targets. To that end, a multi-target design strategy was adopted to develop some 1,2,3-triazoles hybridized with some pharmacophoric anticancer fragments, as first-in-class simultaneous inhibitors of COX-2, 15-LOX and tumor associated carbonic anhydrase enzymes. Results revealed that compounds ... Read more >>

Eur J Med Chem (European journal of medicinal chemistry)
[2020, 200:112439]

Cited: 3 times

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Neuroprotective effect of Crocus sativus against cerebral ischemia in rats.

Rehab F Abdel-Rahman, Sally A El Awdan, Rehab R Hegazy, Dina F Mansour, H A Ogaly, Marwan Abdelbaset,

The present study aimed to investigate the role of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in the neuroprotective effect of Crocus sativus (saffron) against cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury (I/R) in rats. Four groups of a total forty I/R rats with 60-min occlusion followed by 48 h reperfusion or sham surgery were used. The ... Read more >>

Metab Brain Dis (Metabolic brain disease)
[2020, 35(3):427-439]

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The Carcinogenic Agent Diethylnitrosamine Induces Early Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Proliferation in Rat Liver, Stomach and Colon: Protective Effect of Ginger Extract.

Dina F Mansour, Heba M I Abdallah, Bassant M M Ibrahim, Rehab R Hegazy, Reham S E Esmail, Lubna O Abdel-Salam,

Background: Diethylnitrosamine (DENA), a well-known dietary carcinogen, related to cancer initiation of various organs. The present study investigated the deleterious mechanisms involved in the early destructive changes of DENA in different organs namely, liver, stomach and colon and the potential protective effect of GE against these mechanisms. Methods: Adult male albino rats were ... Read more >>

Asian Pac J Cancer Prev (Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP)
[2019, 20(8):2551-2561]

Cited: 6 times

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Regression of fibrosis by cilostazol in a rat model of thioacetamide-induced liver fibrosis: Up regulation of hepatic cAMP, and modulation of inflammatory, oxidative stress and apoptotic biomarkers.

Sally A El Awdan, Rehab F Abdel Rahman, Heba M Ibrahim, Rehab R Hegazy, Salma A El Marasy, Manal Badawi, Mahmoud S Arbid,

In liver fibrosis, conversion of fibroblasts to profibrogenic myofibroblasts significantly drives the development of the disease. A crucial role of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) in regulation of fibroblast function has been reported. Increase in cAMP levels has been found to decrease fibroblast proliferation, inhibit their conversion to myofibroblast, and stimulate ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2019, 14(5):e0216301]

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Regulation of PKB/Akt-pathway in the chemopreventive effect of lactoferrin against diethylnitrosamine-induced hepatocarcinogenesis in rats.

Rehab R Hegazy, Dina F Mansour, Abeer A Salama, Rehab F Abdel-Rahman, Azza M Hassan,

<h4>Background</h4>Abnormal activation of protein kinase B (PKB) is associated with many cancers. This makes inhibition of PKB signaling pathway a promising strategy for cancer therapy. Lactoferrin (Lf) has been reported for its inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis, however, the mechanism is not completely understood. Its anti-hepatocarcinogenic activity has not ... Read more >>

Pharmacol Rep (Pharmacological reports : PR)
[2019, 71(5):879-891]

Cited: 2 times

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