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Pan-cancer molecular analysis of the RB tumor suppressor pathway.

Erik S Knudsen, Ram Nambiar, Spencer R Rosario, Dominic J Smiraglia, David W Goodrich, Agnieszka K Witkiewicz,

The retinoblastoma tumor suppressor gene (RB1) plays a critical role in coordinating multiple pathways that impact cancer initiation, disease progression, and therapeutic responses. Here we probed molecular features associated with the RB-pathway across 31 tumor-types. While the RB-pathway has been purported to exhibit multiple mutually exclusive genetic events, only RB1 ... Read more >>

Commun Biol (Communications biology)
[2020, 3(1):158]

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Targeting dual signalling pathways in concert with immune checkpoints for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Erik S Knudsen, Vishnu Kumarasamy, Sejin Chung, Amanda Ruiz, Paris Vail, Stephanie Tzetzo, Jin Wu, Ram Nambiar, Jared Sivinski, Shailender S Chauhan, Mukund Seshadri, Scott I Abrams, Jianmin Wang, Agnieszka K Witkiewicz,

OBJECTIVE:This study exploits the intersection between molecular-targeted therapies and immune-checkpoint inhibition to define new means to treat pancreatic cancer. DESIGN:Patient-derived cell lines and xenograft models were used to define the response to CDK4/6 and MEK inhibition in the tumour compartment. Impacts relative to immunotherapy were performed using subcutaneous and orthotopic ... Read more >>

Gut (Gut)
[2020, :]

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Chemotherapy impacts on the cellular response to CDK4/6 inhibition: distinct mechanisms of interaction and efficacy in models of pancreatic cancer.

Vishnu Kumarasamy, Amanda Ruiz, Ram Nambiar, Agnieszka K Witkiewicz, Erik S Knudsen,

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is a therapy recalcitrant disease characterized by the aberrations in multiple genes that drive pathogenesis and limit therapeutic response. While CDK4/6 represents a downstream target of both KRAS mutation and loss of the CDKN2A tumor suppressor in PDAC, clinical and preclinical studies indicate that pharmacological CDK4/6 ... Read more >>

Oncogene (Oncogene)
[2020, 39(9):1831-1845]

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PolyA_DB 3 catalogs cleavage and polyadenylation sites identified by deep sequencing in multiple genomes.

Ruijia Wang, Ram Nambiar, Dinghai Zheng, Bin Tian,

PolyA_DB is a database cataloging cleavage and polyadenylation sites (PASs) in several genomes. Previous versions were based mainly on expressed sequence tags (ESTs), which had a limited amount and could lead to inaccurate PAS identification due to the presence of internal A-rich sequences in transcripts. Here, we present an updated ... Read more >>

Nucleic Acids Res (Nucleic acids research)
[2018, 46(D1):D315-D319]

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Transmission of a newly characterized strain of varicella-zoster virus from a patient with herpes zoster in a long-term-care facility, West Virginia, 2004.

Adriana S Lopez, Andrea Burnett-Hartman, Ram Nambiar, Linda Ritz, Patricia Owens, Vladimir N Loparev, Dalya Guris, D Scott Schmid,

We investigated a small outbreak of varicella in a long-term-care facility after a case of herpes zoster. Clinical specimens and environmental samples were collected from all case patients and from surfaces in the case patients' rooms and other common-use areas. Wild-type varicella-zoster virus (VZV) DNA was identified in all 3 ... Read more >>

J. Infect. Dis. (The Journal of infectious diseases)
[2008, 197(5):646-653]

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