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Survey on Chlamydiaceae in cloacal swabs from Swiss turkeys demonstrates absence of Chlamydia psittaci and low occurrence of Chlamydia gallinacean.

Barbara Renate Vogler, Michal Trinkler, Hanna Marti, Nicole Borel, Theresa Pesch, Barbara Prähauser, Richard Hoop, Prisca Mattmann, Sarah Albini,

In Switzerland, domestic turkey meat is a niche product. Turkeys are fattened on mixed family-based farms scattered across the country, with most providing access to an uncovered outdoor pasture for the birds. Swiss fattening turkeys may therefore get infected with Chlamydiaceae via wild birds or their faeces, potentially shedding these ... Read more >>

PLoS ONE (PloS one)
[2019, 14(12):e0226091]

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Antimicrobial resistant and extended-spectrum β-lactamase producing Escherichia coli in common wild bird species in Switzerland.

Katrin Zurfluh, Sarah Albini, Prisca Mattmann, Patrick Kindle, Magdalena Nüesch-Inderbinen, Roger Stephan, Barbara R Vogler,

A total of 294 fecal swabs from 294 wild birds in Switzerland were cultivated for antimicrobial resistant (AMR) Escherichia coli. Samples were also subcultivated to detect E. coli with extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBL), carbapenemases, and plasmid-mediated aminoglycoside or colistin resistance, respectively. Samples from 17 (5.8%) of the birds contained 19 AMR E. coli, ... Read more >>

Microbiologyopen (MicrobiologyOpen)
[2019, 8(11):e845]

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