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A novel rat model of heterotopic ossification after polytrauma with traumatic brain injury.

Rhys D Brady, Michael Z Zhao, Ker R Wong, Pablo M Casilla-Espinosa, Glenn R Yamakawa, Ryan C Wortman, Mujun Sun, Brian L Grills, Richelle Mychasiuk, Terence J O'Brien, Denes V Agoston, Peter V S Lee, Stuart J McDonald, Dale L Robinson, Sandy R Shultz,

Neurological heterotopic ossification (NHO) is characterized by abnormal bone growth in soft tissue and joints in response to injury to the central nervous system. The ectopic bone frequently causes pain, restricts mobility, and decreases the quality of life for those affected. NHO commonly develops in severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) ... Read more >>

Bone (Bone)
[2020, 133:115263]

Cited: 2 times

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