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Chlamydia pan-genomic analysis reveals balance between host adaptation and selective pressure to genome reduction.

Olga M Sigalova, Andrei V Chaplin, Olga O Bochkareva, Pavel V Shelyakin, Vsevolod A Filaretov, Evgeny E Akkuratov, Valentina Burskaia, Mikhail S Gelfand,

BACKGROUND:Chlamydia are ancient intracellular pathogens with reduced, though strikingly conserved genome. Despite their parasitic lifestyle and isolated intracellular environment, these bacteria managed to avoid accumulation of deleterious mutations leading to subsequent genome degradation characteristic for many parasitic bacteria. RESULTS:We report pan-genomic analysis of sixteen species from genus Chlamydia including identification ... Read more >>

BMC Genomics (BMC genomics)
[2019, 20(1):710]

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Genomic Analysis of Caldithrix abyssi, the Thermophilic Anaerobic Bacterium of the Novel Bacterial Phylum Calditrichaeota.

Ilya V Kublanov, Olga M Sigalova, Sergey N Gavrilov, Alexander V Lebedinsky, Christian Rinke, Olga Kovaleva, Nikolai A Chernyh, Natalia Ivanova, Chris Daum, T B K Reddy, Hans-Peter Klenk, Stefan Spring, Markus Göker, Oleg N Reva, Margarita L Miroshnichenko, Nikos C Kyrpides, Tanja Woyke, Mikhail S Gelfand, Elizaveta A Bonch-Osmolovskaya,

The genome of Caldithrix abyssi, the first cultivated representative of a phylum-level bacterial lineage, was sequenced within the framework of Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea (GEBA) project. The genomic analysis revealed mechanisms allowing this anaerobic bacterium to ferment peptides or to implement nitrate reduction with acetate or molecular hydrogen ... Read more >>

Front Microbiol (Frontiers in microbiology)
[2017, 8:195]

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