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Iron and cancer: recent insights.

David H Manz, Nicole L Blanchette, Bibbin T Paul, Frank M Torti, Suzy V Torti,

Iron is an essential dietary element. However, the ability of iron to cycle between oxidized and reduced forms also renders it capable of contributing to free radical formation, which can have deleterious effects, including promutagenic effects that can potentiate tumor formation. Dysregulation of iron metabolism can increase cancer risk and ... Read more >>

Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences)
[2016, 1368(1):149-161]

Cited: 56 times

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Modulation of hepcidin to treat iron deregulation: potential clinical applications.

Nicole L Blanchette, David H Manz, Frank M Torti, Suzy V Torti,

The secreted peptide hormone hepcidin regulates systemic and local iron homeostasis through degradation of the iron exporter ferroportin. Dysregulation of hepcidin leads to altered iron homeostasis and development of pathological disorders including hemochromatosis, and iron loading and iron restrictive anemias. Therapeutic modulation of hepcidin is a promising method to ameliorate ... Read more >>

Expert Rev Hematol (Expert review of hematology)
[2016, 9(2):169-186]

Cited: 14 times

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Hepcidin regulation in prostate and its disruption in prostate cancer.

Lia Tesfay, Kathryn A Clausen, Jin Woo Kim, Poornima Hegde, Xiaohong Wang, Lance D Miller, Zhiyong Deng, Nicole Blanchette, Tara Arvedson, Cindy K Miranti, Jodie L Babitt, Herbert Y Lin, Donna M Peehl, Frank M Torti, Suzy V Torti,

Hepcidin is a circulating peptide hormone made by the liver that is a central regulator of systemic iron uptake and recycling. Here, we report that prostate epithelial cells also synthesize hepcidin, and that synthesis and secretion of hepcidin are markedly increased in prostate cancer cells and tissue. Prostatic hepcidin functions ... Read more >>

Cancer Res. (Cancer research)
[2015, 75(11):2254-2263]

Cited: 51 times

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