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Inter-clinician delineation variation for a new highly-conformal flank target volume in children with renal tumors: A SIOP-Renal Tumor Study Group international multicenter exercise.

Joeri Mul, Patrick Melchior, Enrica Seravalli, Daniel Saunders, Stephanie Bolle, Alison L Cameron, Kristin Gurtner, Semi Harrabi, Yasmin Lassen-Ramshad, Naomi Lavan, Henriette Magelssen, Henry Mandeville, Tom Boterberg, Petra S Kroon, Alexis N T J Kotte, Bianca A W Hoeben, Peter S N van Rossum, Martine van Grotel, Norbert Graf, Marry M van den Heuvel-Eibrink, Christian Rübe, Geert O Janssens,

<h4>Background and purpose</h4>Recently, the SIOP-RTSG developed a highly-conformal flank target volume definition for children with renal tumors. The aims of this study were to evaluate the inter-clinician delineation variation of this new target volume definition in an international multicenter setting and to explore the necessity of quality assurance.<h4>Materials and methods</h4>Six ... Read more >>

Clin Transl Radiat Oncol (Clinical and translational radiation oncology)
[2021, 28:39-47]

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The SIOP-Renal Tumour Study Group consensus statement on flank target volume delineation for highly conformal radiotherapy.

Geert O Janssens, Patrick Melchior, Joeri Mul, Daniel Saunders, Stephanie Bolle, Alison L Cameron, Line Claude, Kristin Gurtner, Kees P van de Ven, Martine van Grotel, Semi Harrabi, Yasmin Lassen-Ramshad, Naomi Lavan, Henriette Magelssen, Xavier Muracciole, Tom Boterberg, Henry Mandeville, Jan Godzinski, Norbert Graf, Marry M van den Heuvel-Eibrink, Christian Rübe,

For decades, radiotherapy with two opposing photon beams has been the standard technique used to cover the flank target volume in paediatric patients with renal tumours. Nowadays, many institutes are implementing advanced radiotherapy techniques that spare healthy tissue. To decrease the radiotherapy dose to healthy structures while preserving oncological efficacy, ... Read more >>

Lancet Child Adolesc Health (The Lancet. Child & adolescent health)
[2020, 4(11):846-852]

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ICORG 06-35: a prospective evaluation of PET-CT scan in patients with non-operable or non-resectable non-small cell lung cancer treated by radical 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy: a phase II study.

Karla A Lee, Guhan Rangaswamy, Naomi A Lavan, Mary Dunne, Conor D Collins, Cormac Small, Pierre Thirion,

<h4>Background</h4>Radiotherapy (RT) is a key treatment modality in the curative treatment of patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Incorrect definition of the gross, or clinical, target volume is a common source of error which can lead to a reduced probability of tumour control.<h4>Objective</h4>This was a pilot and a phase ... Read more >>

Ir J Med Sci (Irish journal of medical science)
[2019, 188(4):1155-1161]

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Modifiable risk factors for acute skin toxicity in adjuvant breast radiotherapy: Dosimetric analysis and review of the literature.

Lorna G Keenan, Naomi Lavan, Mary Dunne, Orla McArdle,

Acute skin toxicity in adjuvant breast radiation can be reduced with modern radiotherapy (RT) techniques. However, having reviewed the literature, we found no dosimetric constraint for acute skin toxicity that would be applicable to modern RT planning. This study aimed to identify dosimetric factors that are associated with higher rates ... Read more >>

Med Dosim (Medical dosimetry : official journal of the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists)
[2019, 44(1):51-55]

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The curative management of synchronous rectal and prostate cancer.

Naomi A Lavan, Dara O Kavanagh, Joseph Martin, Cormac Small, Myles R Joyce, Clare M Faul, Paul J Kelly, Michael O'Riordain, Charles M Gillham, John G Armstrong, Osama Salib, Deborah A McNamara, Gerard McVey, Brian D P O'Neill,

<h4>Objective</h4>Neoadjuvant "long-course" chemoradiation is considered a standard of care in locally advanced rectal cancer. In addition to prostatectomy, external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy with or without androgen suppression (AS) are well established in prostate cancer management. A retrospective review of ten cases was completed to explore the feasibility and safety ... Read more >>

Br J Radiol (The British journal of radiology)
[2016, 89(1057):20150292]

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