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Association of Thrombomodulin Gene Polymorphism (C1418T) With Coronary Artery Disease in Pakistani Population.

Muhammad Akbar Mughal, Muhammad Saleh Soomro, Syed Muhammad Ashraf Jahangeer AlSaani, Saba Shahid, Shariq Ahmed,

Objectives:To find out the association between Thrombomodulin gene polymorphism (C1418T) with coronary artery disease in population of Karachi, Pakistan. Methods:This case-control study was conducted in Tabba Heart Institute in collaboration with the National Institute of Blood Diseases, Karachi. We compared C/T dimorphism in 92 cases with 90 control subjects by ... Read more >>

(Pakistan journal of medical sciences)
[2018, 34(3):730-735]

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Areca nut chewing and metabolic syndrome: evidence of a harmful relationship.

Kashif Shafique, Mubashir Zafar, Zeeshan Ahmed, Naveed Ali Khan, Muhammad Akbar Mughal, Fauzia Imtiaz,

BACKGROUND: There is some evidence which suggests that areca nut chewing has a relationship with metabolic syndrome. Areca nut chewing is continue to increase and so is the metabolic syndrome which is a major cause of cardiovascular mortality in developing countries. The aim of this study was to determine the ... Read more >>

Nutr J (Nutrition journal)
[2013, 12:67]

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