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Transforming iodoquinol into broad spectrum anti-tumor leads: Repurposing to modulate redox homeostasis.

Ibrahim Chaaban, Haidy Hafez, Ibrahim AlZaim, Cynthia Tannous, Hanan Ragab, Aly Hazzaa, Salma Ketat, Asser Ghoneim, Mohamed Katary, Mohammad M Abd-Alhaseeb, Fouad A Zouein, Amgad Albohy, Ahmed Noby Amer, Ahmed F El-Yazbi, Ahmed S F Belal,

We managed to repurpose the old drug iodoquinol to a series of novel anticancer 7-iodo-quinoline-5,8-diones. Twelve compounds were identified as inhibitors of moderate to high potency on an inhouse MCF-7 cell line, of which 2 compounds (5 and 6) were capable of reducing NAD level in MCF-7 cells in concentrations ... Read more >>

Bioorg Chem (Bioorganic chemistry)
[2021, 113:105035]

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Chemopreventive and anticancer activities of indomethacin and vitamin D combination on colorectal cancer induced by 1,2-dimethylhydrazine in rats.

Tarek M Okda, Sary K Abd-Elghaffar, Mohamed A Katary, Mohammad M Abd-Alhaseeb,

Several studies have revealed that the combination of indomethacin, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), and vitamin D reduces the risk of common types of cancers. Nonetheless, research on the deal concentrations used to test the impact of vitamin D on colon cancer is deficient. Along these lines, the aim of ... Read more >>

Biomed Rep (Biomedical reports)
[2021, 14(2):27]

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