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The safety, efficacy and pharmaceutical quality of male enhancement nutraceuticals bought online: Truth versus claim.

Mohamed Ismail Nounou, Heba A Eassa, Nada A Helal, Khaled AboulFotouh, Ihab Mansoor, Isabel K Latz, Cindy Zheng, Hadeer A Eassa, Dina Mohamed, Diana M Huynh, Abigail R Wiss, Jessica Sweeney, Monica T Oakes, Mark M Mikhail, Nadine Amine, Harshvir Kaur, Natalia Echeverry, Kamila Orzechowski, Doreen Szollosi,

<h4>Objective</h4>Nutraceutical products are widely used for their claimed therapeutic benefits. However, falsified or adulterated nutraceuticals present a major health threat to consumers. This study investigates the pharmaceutical quality, safety and anti-inflammatory effects of six male enhancement nutraceuticals that claim to be 100% natural.<h4>Methods</h4>Three batches of six male enhancement products were ... Read more >>

J Integr Med (Journal of integrative medicine)
[2021, 19(3):232-242]

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Berberine Nanoencapsulation Attenuates Hallmarks of Scoplomine Induced Alzheimer's-Like Disease in Rats.

Samar R Saleh, Mariam M Abady, Mohammed Nofal, Nashwa W Yassa, Mohamed S Abdel-Latif, Mohamed Ismail Nounou, Doaa A Ghareeb, Nihad Abdel-Monaem,

<h4>Background</h4>Berberine (BBR), an isoquinoline alkaloid, acts as a multipotent active pharmaceutical ingredient to counteract several types of dementia based on its numerous pharmacological actions including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering effect, and inhibition of Aβ production and AChE. However, BBR suffers from poor absorption, bioavailability and brain drug uptake. The present study ... Read more >>

Curr Rev Clin Exp Pharmacol (Current reviews in clinical and experimental pharmacology)
[2021, 16(2):139-154]

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