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Is Shunt Location a Risk Factor for the Development of De Novo Post-shunt Seizures?

Hanieh Bazrafshan, Mohamad Sadegh Masoudi, Mehdi Bazrafshan, Ali Akbar Asadi-Pooya,

<h4>Background</h4>While ventriculo-extracranial shunting procedures have been the standard treatment option for hydrocephalus for a long time, their long-term morbidity, including the development of post-shunt <i>de Novo</i> seizures, should be taken into account. This study aimed to investigate the rate and risk factors of the occurrence of <i>de Novo</i> post-shunt seizures ... Read more >>

Iran J Med Sci (Iranian journal of medical sciences)
[2022, 47(2):139-142]

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