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Establishment and Analysis of Three-Dimensional (3D) Organoids Derived from Patient Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis Specimens and their Xenografts.

Sanghee Lee, Danielle N Burner, Theresa R Mendoza, Michelle T Muldong, Catalina Arreola, Christina N Wu, Nicholas A Cacalano, Anna A Kulidjian, Christopher J Kane, Christina A M Jamieson,

Three-dimensional (3D) culture of organoids from tumor specimens of human patients and patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models of prostate cancer, referred to as patient-derived organoids (PDO), are an invaluable resource for studying the mechanism of tumorigenesis and metastasis of prostate cancer. Their main advantage is that they maintain the distinctive genomic ... Read more >>

J Vis Exp (Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE)
[2020, (156):]

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Hypoxia-induced PIM kinase and laminin-activated integrin α6 mediate resistance to PI3K inhibitors in bone-metastatic CRPC.

Rachel K Toth, Jack D Tran, Michelle T Muldong, Eric A Nollet, Veronique V Schulz, Corbin C Jensen, Lori A Hazlehurst, Eva Corey, Donald Durden, Christina Jamieson, Cindy K Miranti, Noel A Warfel,

Bone-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) is lethal due to inherent resistance to androgen deprivation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapies. Despite the fact that a majority of CRPC patients (approximately 70%) harbor a constitutively active PI3K survival pathway, targeting the PI3K/mTOR pathway has failed to increase overall survival in clinical trials. ... Read more >>

(American journal of clinical and experimental urology)
[2019, 7(4):297-312]

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Specific bone region localization of osteolytic versus osteoblastic lesions in a patient-derived xenograft model of bone metastatic prostate cancer.

Takeshi Hirata, Seung Chol Park, Michelle T Muldong, Christina N Wu, Tomonori Yamaguchi, Amy Strasner, Omer Raheem, Hiromi Kumon, Robert L Sah, Nicholas A Cacalano, Catriona H M Jamieson, Christopher J Kane, Koichi Masuda, Anna A Kulidjian, Christina A M Jamieson,

Objective:Bone metastasis occurs in up to 90% of men with advanced prostate cancer and leads to fractures, severe pain and therapy-resistance. Bone metastases induce a spectrum of types of bone lesions which can respond differently to therapy even within individual prostate cancer patients. Thus, the special environment of the bone ... Read more >>

(Asian journal of urology)
[2016, 3(4):229-239]

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Tumor infiltrating B-cells are increased in prostate cancer tissue.

Jason R Woo, Michael A Liss, Michelle T Muldong, Kerrin Palazzi, Amy Strasner, Massimo Ammirante, Nissi Varki, Ahmed Shabaik, Stephen Howell, Christopher J Kane, Michael Karin, Christina A M Jamieson,

The presence of increased B-cell tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) was seen in mouse prostate cancer (PCa) but has not been fully documented in human PCa. We, therefore, investigated the density of infiltrating B cells within human PCa utilizing a quantitative computational method.Archived radical prostatectomy specimens from 53 patients with known ... Read more >>

J Transl Med (Journal of translational medicine)
[2014, 12:30]

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