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Correction to: In vitro cellular and proteome assays identify Wnt pathway and CDKN2A-regulated senescence affected in mesenchymal stem cells from mice after a chronic LD gamma irradiation in utero.

Martina Schuster, Gargi Tewary, Xuanwen Bao, Prabal Subedi, Stefanie M Hauck, Ann Karin Olsen, Dag Markus Eide, Klaus Rüdiger Trott, Sebastian Götz, Michael J Atkinson, Michael Rosemann,

Radiat Environ Biophys (Radiation and environmental biophysics)
[2021, 60(4):689]

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The Five Diamond Method for Explorative Business Process Management

Thomas Grisold, Steven Groß, Katharina Stelzl, Jan vom Brocke, Jan Mendling, Maximilian Röglinger, Michael Rosemann,

Explorative business process management (BPM) is attracting increasing interest in the literature and professional practice. Organizations have recognized that a focus on operational efficiency is no longer sufficient when disruptive forces can make the value proposition of entire processes obsolete. So far, however, research on how to create entirely new ... Read more >>

(Business & Information Systems Engineering)
[2021, :1-18]

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A Five-Year report on the conception and establishment of the MSc Radiation Biology at the Technical University of Munich.

Carmen Kessel, Michael J Atkinson, Thomas E Schmid, Klaus Trott, Jan J Wilkens, Natasa Anastasov, Michael Rosemann, Omid Azimzadeh, Soile Tapio, Simone Moertl, Ulrike M Kulka, Michael Abend, Matthias Port, Christina Beinke, Mona Mustafa, Frauke Neff, Daniela Pfeiffer, Pascal Berberat, Stephanie E Combs,

<h4>Purpose</h4>The MSc Radiation Biology course is a highly interdisciplinary degree program placing radiation biology at the interface between biology, medicine, and physics, as well as their associated technologies. The goal was to establish an internationally acknowledged program with diverse and heterogeneous student cohorts, who benefit from each other academically as ... Read more >>

Int J Radiat Biol (International journal of radiation biology)
[2021, 97(2):256-264]

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Integrated analysis of single-cell RNA-seq and bulk RNA-seq unravels tumour heterogeneity plus M2-like tumour-associated macrophage infiltration and aggressiveness in TNBC.

Xuanwen Bao, Run Shi, Tianyu Zhao, Yanfang Wang, Natasa Anastasov, Michael Rosemann, Weijia Fang,

Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is characterized by a more aggressive clinical course with extensive inter- and intra-tumour heterogeneity. Combination of single-cell and bulk tissue transcriptome profiling allows the characterization of tumour heterogeneity and identifies the association of the immune landscape with clinical outcomes. We identified inter- and intra-tumour heterogeneity at ... Read more >>

Cancer Immunol Immunother (Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII)
[2021, 70(1):189-202]

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Extended in vitro culture of primary human mesenchymal stem cells downregulates Brca1-related genes and impairs DNA double-strand break recognition.

Xuanwen Bao, Jing Wang, Guangming Zhou, Attila Aszodi, Veronika Schönitzer, Harry Scherthan, Michael J Atkinson, Michael Rosemann,

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multilineage adult stem cells with considerable potential for cell-based regenerative therapies. In vitro expansion changes their epigenetic and cellular properties, with a poorly understood impact on DNA damage response (DDR) and genome stability. We report here results of a transcriptome-based pathway analysis of in vitro-expanded human bone ... Read more >>

FEBS Open Bio (FEBS open bio)
[2020, 10(7):1238-1250]

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Oncogenic Linear Collagen VI of Invasive Breast Cancer Is Induced by CCL5.

Elizabeth Brett, Matthias Sauter, Éadaoin Timmins, Omid Azimzadeh, Michael Rosemann, Juliane Merl-Pham, Stefanie M Hauck, Peter J Nelson, Karl Friedrich Becker, Ilse Schunn, Aoife Lowery, Michael J Kerin, Michael Atkinson, Achim Krüger, Hans-Günther Machens, Dominik Duscher,

The triple-negative breast tumor boundary is made of aligned, linear collagen. The pro-oncogenic impact of linear collagen is well established; however, its mechanism of formation is unknown. An in vitro analogue of the tumor border is created by a co-culture of MDA-MB-231 cells, adipose derived stem cells, and dermal fibroblasts. ... Read more >>

J Clin Med (Journal of clinical medicine)
[2020, 9(4):]

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A novel epigenetic signature for overall survival prediction in patients with breast cancer.

Xuanwen Bao, Natasa Anastasov, Yanfang Wang, Michael Rosemann,

<h4>Background</h4>Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in female patients worldwide. Because of its heterogeneity in terms of prognosis and therapeutic response, biomarkers with the potential to predict survival or assist in making treatment decisions in breast cancer patients are essential for an individualised therapy. Epigenetic alterations in the genome ... Read more >>

J Transl Med (Journal of translational medicine)
[2019, 17(1):380]

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Factors affecting the performance of public out-patient services.

Ugenthiri Naiker, Gerry FitzGerald, Joel M Dulhunty, Michael Rosemann,

Objective The delivery of public out-patient services is an essential part of complex healthcare systems, but the contribution of public out-patient services is often ill defined and poorly evaluated. The aim of this study was to identify and better understand those factors that may affect the performance of out-patient services ... Read more >>

Aust Health Rev (Australian health review : a publication of the Australian Hospital Association)
[2019, 43(3):294-301]

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NHEJ Contributes to the Fast Repair of Radiation-induced DNA Double-strand Breaks at Late Prophase I Telomeres.

Emad A Ahmed, Michael Rosemann, Harry Scherthan,

Exposure of cells to ionizing radiation induces DNA double-strand breaks. To repair double-strand breaks correctly, cells must distinguish between the ends of chromosomes (telomeres) and DNA double-strand breaks within chromosomes. Double-strand breaks in telomeric DNA may lead to telomere shortening and mutagenesis. Eukaryotic cells repair double-strand breaks primarily by two ... Read more >>

Health Phys (Health physics)
[2018, 115(1):102-107]

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Time to wait: a systematic review of strategies that affect out-patient waiting times.

Ugenthiri Naiker, Gerry FitzGerald, Joel M Dulhunty, Michael Rosemann,

Objective Out-patient waiting times pose a significant challenge for public patients in need of specialist evaluation and intervention. The aim of the present study was to identify and categorise effective strategies to reduce waiting times for specialist out-patient services with a focus on the Australian healthcare system. Methods A systematic ... Read more >>

Aust Health Rev (Australian health review : a publication of the Australian Hospital Association)
[2018, 42(3):286-293]

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DNA repair kinetics in SCID mice Sertoli cells and DNA-PKcs-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts.

Emad A Ahmed, Eukene Vélaz, Michael Rosemann, Klaus-P Gilbertz, Harry Scherthan,

Noncycling and terminally differentiated (TD) cells display differences in radiosensitivity and DNA damage response. Unlike other TD cells, Sertoli cells express a mixture of proliferation inducers and inhibitors in vivo and can reenter the cell cycle. Being in a G<sub>1</sub>-like cell cycle stage, TD Sertoli cells are expected to repair ... Read more >>

Chromosoma (Chromosoma)
[2017, 126(2):287-298]

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p53-Dependent Senescence in Mesenchymal Stem Cells under Chronic Normoxia Is Potentiated by Low-Dose γ-Irradiation.

Ines Höfig, Yashodhara Ingawale, Michael J Atkinson, Heidi Hertlein, Peter J Nelson, Michael Rosemann,

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are a source of adult multipotent cells important in tissue regeneration. Murine MSCs are known to proliferate poorly in vitro under normoxia. The aim of this study is to analyze the interaction of nonphysiological high oxygen and low-dose γ-irradiation onto growth, senescence, and DNA damage. Tri-potent ... Read more >>

Stem Cells Int (Stem cells international)
[2016, 2016:6429853]

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Short and long-term phototoxicity in cells expressing genetic reporters under nanosecond laser exposure.

Sven Gottschalk, Héctor Estrada, Oleksiy Degtyaruk, Johannes Rebling, Olena Klymenko, Michael Rosemann, Daniel Razansky,

Nanosecond-duration laser pulses are exploited in a plethora of therapeutic and diagnostic applications, such as optoacoustic imaging. However, phototoxicity effects of pulsed radiation in living cells, in particular those expressing genetic reporters, are not well understood. We established a three-dimensional fluorescent protein expressing cellular model in order to reliably investigate ... Read more >>

Biomaterials (Biomaterials)
[2015, 69:38-44]

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Spots, damn'd spots and γH2AX foci.

Michael Rosemann, Michael Atkinson,

Cell Cycle (Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.))
[2015, 14(7):947]

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Are mouse lens epithelial cells more sensitive to γ-irradiation than lymphocytes?

Kristina Bannik, Ute Rössler, Theresa Faus-Kessler, Maria Gomolka, Sabine Hornhardt, Claudia Dalke, Olena Klymenko, Michael Rosemann, Klaus-Rüdiger Trott, Michael Atkinson, Ulrike Kulka, Jochen Graw,

In this pilot study we compared for the first time the radiation sensitivity of mouse lens epithelial cells (LECs) and mouse lymphocytes. We freshly prepared LECs and lymphocytes and irradiated them with γ-rays ((137)Cs; doses ranging from 0.25 to 2 Gy). DNA damage and repair were evaluated by alkaline comet ... Read more >>

Radiat Environ Biophys (Radiation and environmental biophysics)
[2013, 52(2):279-286]

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MicroRNA profiling with correlation to gene expression revealed the oncogenic miR-17-92 cluster to be up-regulated in osteosarcoma.

Daniel Baumhoer, Stephanie Zillmer, Kristian Unger, Michael Rosemann, Michael J Atkinson, Martin Irmler, Johannes Beckers, Heide Siggelkow, Irene von Luettichau, Gernot Jundt, Jan Smida, Michaela Nathrath,

Osteosarcomas are genetically complex tumors with abundant structural and numerical alterations. The molecular pathogenesis of the disease is, however, still poorly understood. Aside from various oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, deregulated microRNAs (miRNAs) are known to influence tumor development and biology. We therefore investigated six well-established osteosarcoma cell lines (HOS58, ... Read more >>

Cancer Genet (Cancer genetics)
[2012, 205(5):212-219]

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Silencing of RB1 but not of RB2/P130 induces cellular senescence and impairs the differentiation potential of human mesenchymal stem cells.

Nicola Alessio, Wolfgang Bohn, Verena Rauchberger, Flavio Rizzolio, Marilena Cipollaro, Michael Rosemann, Martin Irmler, Johannes Beckers, Antonio Giordano, Umberto Galderisi,

Stem cell senescence is considered deleterious because it may impair tissue renewal and function. On the other hand, senescence may arrest the uncontrolled growth of transformed stem cells and protect organisms from cancer. This double function of senescence is strictly linked to the activity of genes that the control cell ... Read more >>

Cell Mol Life Sci (Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS)
[2013, 70(9):1637-1651]

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Rb1 haploinsufficiency promotes telomere attrition and radiation-induced genomic instability.

Iria Gonzalez-Vasconcellos, Natasa Anastasov, Bahar Sanli-Bonazzi, Olena Klymenko, Michael J Atkinson, Michael Rosemann,

Germline mutations of the retinoblastoma gene (RB1) predispose to both sporadic and radiation-induced osteosarcoma, tumors characterized by high levels of genomic instability, and activation of alternative lengthening of telomeres. Mice with haploinsufficiency of the Rb1 gene in the osteoblastic lineage reiterate the radiation susceptibility to osteosarcoma seen in patients with ... Read more >>

Cancer Res (Cancer research)
[2013, 73(14):4247-4255]

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Differences in the susceptibility to iodine¹³¹-induced thyroid tumours amongst inbred mouse strains.

Claudia Dalke, Gabriele Hölzlwimmer, Julia Calzada-Wack, Leticia Quintanilla-Martinez, Michael J Atkinson, Michael Rosemann,

Genetic factors can modify susceptibility to the carcinogenic effect of ionising radiation. To establish if radioiodine-induced thyroid cancer is similarly genetically influenced, we studied F1 hybrid crosses between inbred mouse strains. Mice were perinatally exposed to iodine-131 and thyroid tissues examined after 18 months. Differences in the incidence and distribution ... Read more >>

J Radiat Res (Journal of radiation research)
[2012, 53(3):343-352]

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Effects of simultaneous knockdown of HER2 and PTK6 on malignancy and tumor progression in human breast cancer cells.

Natalie Ludyga, Natasa Anastasov, Michael Rosemann, Jana Seiler, Nadine Lohmann, Herbert Braselmann, Karin Mengele, Manfred Schmitt, Heinz Höfler, Michaela Aubele,

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women of the Western world. One prominent feature of breast cancer is the co- and overexpression of HER2 and protein tyrosine kinase 6 (PTK6). According to the current clinical cancer therapy guidelines, HER2-overexpressing tumors are routinely treated with trastuzumab, a humanized monoclonal ... Read more >>

Mol Cancer Res (Molecular cancer research : MCR)
[2013, 11(4):381-392]

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Secondary radiation-induced bone tumours demonstrate a high degree of genomic instability predictive of a poor prognosis.

Christine Rümenapp, Jan Smida, Iria Gonzalez-Vasconcellos, Daniel Baumhoer, Bernard Malfoy, Nabila-Sandra Hadj-Hamou, Bahar Sanli-Bonazzi, Michaela Nathrath, Michael J Atkinson, Michael Rosemann,

Secondary bone tumours arising in the field of a preceding radiotherapy are a serious late effect, in particular considering the increasing survival times in patients treated for paediatric malignancies. In general, therapy associated tumours are known to show a more aggressive behaviour and a limited response to chemotherapy compared with ... Read more >>

Curr Genomics (Current genomics)
[2012, 13(6):433-437]

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Strong expression of CXCL12 is associated with a favorable outcome in osteosarcoma.

Daniel Baumhoer, Jan Smida, Stephanie Zillmer, Michael Rosemann, Michael J Atkinson, Peter J Nelson, Gernot Jundt, Irene von Luettichau, Michaela Nathrath,

Hematogenous spread determines the outcome of osteosarcoma (OS) patients, but the pathogenesis of developing metastatic disease is still unclear. Chemokines are critical regulators of cell trafficking and adhesion, and have been reported to be aberrantly expressed and to correlate with an unfavorable prognosis and metastatic spread in several malignant tumors. ... Read more >>

Mod Pathol (Modern pathology : an official journal of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc)
[2012, 25(4):522-528]

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Allelic imbalances in radiation-associated acute myeloid leukemia.

Sergiy V Klymenko, Jan Smida, Michael J Atkinson, Volodymir G Bebeshko, Michaela Nathrath, Michael Rosemann,

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) can develop as a secondary malignancy following radiotherapy, but also following low-dose environmental or occupational radiation exposure. Therapy-related AML frequently carries deletions of chromosome 5q and/or 7, but for low-dose exposure associated AML this has not been described. For the present study we performed genome-wide screens ... Read more >>

Genes (Basel) (Genes)
[2011, 2(2):384-393]

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Aberrant expression of the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 oncogene is not a common feature in osteosarcoma.

Daniel Baumhoer, Jan Smida, Katja Specht, Karin Bink, Leticia Quintanilla-Martinez, Michael Rosemann, Heide Siggelkow, Walter B J Nathrath, Michael J Atkinson, Stefan Bielack, Gernot Jundt, Michaela Nathrath,

Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 expression in osteosarcoma and its relationship to prognosis have been the subject of several conflicting reports, most of them relying on immunohistochemical studies. Because the urgent need of prognostic markers and effective new treatment options for osteosarcoma patients, we evaluated the role of human ... Read more >>

Hum Pathol (Human pathology)
[2011, 42(6):859-866]

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Microphthalmia, parkinsonism, and enhanced nociception in Pitx3 ( 416insG ) mice.

Michael Rosemann, Alesia Ivashkevich, Jack Favor, Claudia Dalke, Sabine M Hölter, Lore Becker, Ildikó Rácz, Ines Bolle, Martina Klempt, Birgit Rathkolb, Svetoslav Kalaydjiev, Thure Adler, Antonio Aguilar, Wolfgang Hans, Marion Horsch, Jan Rozman, Julia Calzada-Wack, Sandra Kunder, Beatrix Naton, Valerie Gailus-Durner, Helmut Fuchs, Holger Schulz, Johannes Beckers, Dirk H Busch, J Peter H Burbach, Marten P Smidt, Leticia Quintanilla-Martinez, Irene Esposito, Thomas Klopstock, Martin Klingenspor, Markus Ollert, Eckhard Wolf, Wolfgang Wurst, Andreas Zimmer, Martin Hrabé de Angelis, Michael Atkinson, Ulrich Heinzmann, Jochen Graw,

A new spontaneous mouse mutant was characterized by closed eyelids at weaning and without apparent eyes (provisional gene name, eyeless; provisional gene symbol, eyl). The mutation follows a recessive pattern of inheritance and was mapped to the region of chromosome 19 containing Pitx3. Genetic complementation tests using Pitx3 ( ak/+ ... Read more >>

Mamm Genome (Mammalian genome : official journal of the International Mammalian Genome Society)
[2010, 21(1-2):13-27]

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