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aPC/PAR1 confers endothelial anti-apoptotic activity via a discrete β-arrestin-2 mediated SphK1-S1PR1-Akt signaling axis

Olivia Molinar-Inglis, Cierra Birch, Dequina Nicholas, Metzli Cisneros-Aguirre, Anand Patwardhan, Buxin Chen, Neil Grimsey, Patrick Gomez-Menzies, Huilan Lin, Luisa Coronel, Mark Lawson, Hemal Patel, JoAnn Trejo,

Endothelial dysfunction is associated with multiple vascular diseases and lacks effective treatments. Activated Protein C (aPC) is a promising biotherapeutic that signals via protease-activated receptor-1 (PAR1) to promote diverse cytoprotective responses, including endothelial barrier stabilization, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic activities, which is facilitated by co-receptors. We showed that aPC-activated PAR1 signals ... Read more >>

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