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Consensus guidelines for management of hyperammonaemia in paediatric patients receiving continuous kidney replacement therapy.

Rupesh Raina, Jirair K Bedoyan, Uta Lichter-Konecki, Philippe Jouvet, Stefano Picca, Nicholas Ah Mew, Marcel C Machado, Ronith Chakraborty, Meghana Vemuganti, Manpreet K Grewal, Timothy Bunchman, Sidharth Kumar Sethi, Vinod Krishnappa, Mignon McCulloch, Khalid Alhasan, Arvind Bagga, Rajit K Basu, Franz Schaefer, Guido Filler, Bradley A Warady,

Hyperammonaemia in children can lead to grave consequences in the form of cerebral oedema, severe neurological impairment and even death. In infants and children, common causes of hyperammonaemia include urea cycle disorders or organic acidaemias. Few studies have assessed the role of extracorporeal therapies in the management of hyperammonaemia in ... Read more >>

Nat Rev Nephrol (Nature reviews. Nephrology)
[2020, 16(8):471-482]

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Fluid Overload in Critically Ill Children.

Rupesh Raina, Sidharth Kumar Sethi, Nikita Wadhwani, Meghana Vemuganti, Vinod Krishnappa, Shyam B Bansal,

Background: A common practice in the management of critically ill patients is fluid resuscitation. An excessive administration of fluids can lead to an imbalance in fluid homeostasis and cause fluid overload (FO). In pediatric critical care patients, FO can lead to a multitude of adverse effects and increased risk of ... Read more >>

Front Pediatr (Frontiers in pediatrics)
[2018, 6:306]

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