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BCL3 expression is strongly associated with the occurrence of breast cancer relapse under tamoxifen treatment in a retrospective cohort study.

Piotr Czapiewski, Maximilian Cornelius, Roland Hartig, Thomas Kalinski, Johannes Haybaeck, Angela Dittmer, Jürgen Dittmer, Atanas Ignatov, Norbert Nass,

Patients with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer are usually receiving an anti-estrogen therapy by either aromatase inhibitors or selective estrogen receptor mediators such as tamoxifen. Nevertheless, acquired resistance to tamoxifen under treatment frequently hampers therapy. One proposed explanation for this phenomenon is the interaction of the tumor cells with cells ... Read more >>

Virchows Arch (Virchows Archiv : an international journal of pathology)
[2022, 480(3):529-541]

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Silica-based mesoporous organic-inorganic hybrid materials.

Frank Hoffmann, Maximilian Cornelius, Jürgen Morell, Michael Fröba,

Mesoporous organic-inorganic hybrid materials, a new class of materials characterized by large specific surface areas and pore sizes between 2 and 15 nm, have been obtained through the coupling of inorganic and organic components by template synthesis. The incorporation of functionalities can be achieved in three ways: by subsequent attachment ... Read more >>

Angew Chem Int Ed Engl (Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English))
[2006, 45(20):3216-3251]

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