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The systemic response to surgery triggers the outgrowth of distant immune-controlled tumors in mouse models of dormancy.

Jordan A Krall, Ferenc Reinhardt, Oblaise A Mercury, Diwakar R Pattabiraman, Mary W Brooks, Michael Dougan, Arthur W Lambert, Brian Bierie, Hidde L Ploegh, Stephanie K Dougan, Robert A Weinberg,

Patients undergoing surgical resection of primary breast tumors confront a risk for metastatic recurrence that peaks sharply 12 to 18 months after surgery. The cause of early metastatic relapse in breast cancer has long been debated, with many ascribing these relapses to the natural progression of the disease. Others have ... Read more >>

Sci Transl Med (Science translational medicine)
[2018, 10(436):]

Cited: 94 times

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Neutrophils Suppress Intraluminal NK Cell-Mediated Tumor Cell Clearance and Enhance Extravasation of Disseminated Carcinoma Cells.

Asaf Spiegel, Mary W Brooks, Samin Houshyar, Ferenc Reinhardt, Michele Ardolino, Evelyn Fessler, Michelle B Chen, Jordan A Krall, Jasmine DeCock, Ioannis K Zervantonakis, Alexandre Iannello, Yoshiko Iwamoto, Virna Cortez-Retamozo, Roger D Kamm, Mikael J Pittet, David H Raulet, Robert A Weinberg,

<h4>Unlabelled</h4>Immune cells promote the initial metastatic dissemination of carcinoma cells from primary tumors. In contrast to their well-studied functions in the initial stages of metastasis, the specific roles of immunocytes in facilitating progression through the critical later steps of the invasion-metastasis cascade remain poorly understood. Here, we define novel functions ... Read more >>

Cancer Discov (Cancer discovery)
[2016, 6(6):630-649]

Cited: 147 times

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An integrin-linked machinery of cytoskeletal regulation that enables experimental tumor initiation and metastatic colonization.

Tsukasa Shibue, Mary W Brooks, Robert A Weinberg,

Recently extravasated metastatic cancer cells use the Rif/mDia2 actin-nucleating/polymerizing machinery in order to extend integrin β1-containing, filopodium-like protrusions (FLPs), which enable them to interact productively with the surrounding extracellular matrix; this process governs the initial proliferation of these cancer cells. Here, we identify the signaling pathway governing FLP lifetime, which ... Read more >>

Cancer Cell (Cancer cell)
[2013, 24(4):481-498]

Cited: 89 times

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The outgrowth of micrometastases is enabled by the formation of filopodium-like protrusions.

Tsukasa Shibue, Mary W Brooks, M Fatih Inan, Ferenc Reinhardt, Robert A Weinberg,

<h4>Unlabelled</h4>Disseminated cancer cells that have extravasated into the tissue parenchyma must interact productively with its extracellular matrix components to survive, proliferate, and form macroscopic metastases. The biochemical and cell biologic mechanisms enabling this interaction remain poorly understood. We find that the formation of elongated integrin β(1)-containing adhesion plaques by cancer ... Read more >>

Cancer Discov (Cancer discovery)
[2012, 2(8):706-721]

Cited: 111 times

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Telomerase contributes to tumorigenesis by a telomere length-independent mechanism.

Sheila A Stewart, William C Hahn, Benjamin F O'Connor, Elisa N Banner, Ante S Lundberg, Poonam Modha, Hana Mizuno, Mary W Brooks, Mark Fleming, Drazen B Zimonjic, Nicholas C Popescu, Robert A Weinberg,

Once immortalized, human cells are susceptible to transformation by introduction of an oncogene such as ras. Several lines of evidence now suggest that the maintenance of telomere length is a major determinant of replicative lifespan in human cells and thus of the immortalized state. The majority of human tumor cells ... Read more >>

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)
[2002, 99(20):12606-12611]

Cited: 270 times

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Enumeration of the Simian Virus 40 Early Region Elements Necessary for Human Cell Transformation

William C. Hahn, Scott K. Dessain, Mary W. Brooks, Jessie E. King, Brian Elenbaas, David M. Sabatini, James A. DeCaprio, Robert A. Weinberg,

Mol Cell Biol (Molecular and cellular biology)
[2002, 22(10):3562-3562]

Cited: 0 times

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