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Non-Natural Death Associated with Sexual Activity: Results of a 25-Year Medicolegal Postmortem Study.

Lena Bunzel, Sarah C Koelzer, Barbara Zedler, Marcel A Verhoff, Markus Parzeller,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Non-natural deaths associated with sexual activity may occur either with or without the involvement of other persons.<h4>Aim</h4>The present study provides an overview of cases of non-natural death related to sexual activities as well as recommendations of how to handle these cases and to identify potentially dangerous pleasure-enhancing techniques.<h4>Methods</h4>This medicolegal, postmortem, ... Read more >>

J Sex Med (The journal of sexual medicine)
[2019, 16(10):1547-1556]

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Is Irreversible Loss of Brain Function a Reliable Sign of Death?

Markus Parzeller, Marcel A Verhoff, Barbara Zedler,

Dtsch Arztebl Int (Deutsches Arzteblatt international)
[2019, 116(6):98]

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