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Data from a pre-publication independent replication initiative examining ten moral judgement effects.

Warren Tierney, Martin Schweinsberg, Jennifer Jordan, Deanna M Kennedy, Israr Qureshi, S Amy Sommer, Nico Thornley, Nikhil Madan, Michelangelo Vianello, Eli Awtrey, Luke Lei Zhu, Daniel Diermeier, Justin E Heinze, Malavika Srinivasan, David Tannenbaum, Eliza Bivolaru, Jason Dana, Clintin P Davis-Stober, Christilene du Plessis, Quentin F Gronau, Andrew C Hafenbrack, Eko Yi Liao, Alexander Ly, Maarten Marsman, Toshio Murase, Michael Schaerer, Christina M Tworek, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Lynn Wong, Tabitha Anderson, Christopher W Bauman, Wendy L Bedwell, Victoria Brescoll, Andrew Canavan, Jesse J Chandler, Erik Cheries, Sapna Cheryan, Felix Cheung, Andrei Cimpian, Mark A Clark, Diana Cordon, Fiery Cushman, Peter H Ditto, Alice Amell, Sarah E Frick, Monica Gamez-Djokic, Rebecca Hofstein Grady, Jesse Graham, Jun Gu, Adam Hahn, Brittany E Hanson, Nicole J Hartwich, Kristie Hein, Yoel Inbar, Lily Jiang, Tehlyr Kellogg, Nicole Legate, Timo P Luoma, Heidi Maibeucher, Peter Meindl, Jennifer Miles, Alexandra Mislin, Daniel C Molden, Matt Motyl, George Newman, Hoai Huong Ngo, Harvey Packham, P Scott Ramsay, Jennifer L Ray, Aaron M Sackett, Anne-Laure Sellier, Tatiana Sokolova, Walter Sowden, Daniel Storage, Xiaomin Sun, Jay J Van Bavel, Anthony N Washburn, Cong Wei, Erik Wetter, Carlos T Wilson, Sophie-Charlotte Darroux, Eric Luis Uhlmann,

We present the data from a crowdsourced project seeking to replicate findings in independent laboratories before (rather than after) they are published. In this Pre-Publication Independent Replication (PPIR) initiative, 25 research groups attempted to replicate 10 moral judgment effects from a single laboratory's research pipeline of unpublished findings. The 10 ... Read more >>

Sci Data (Scientific data)
[2016, 3:160082]

Cited: 5 times

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Achieving Coordinated Care for Patients With Complex Cases of Cancer: A Multiteam System Approach.

Simon J Craddock Lee, Mark A Clark, John V Cox, Burton M Needles, Carole Seigel, Bijal A Balasubramanian,

Patients with cancer with multiple chronic conditions pose a unique challenge to how primary care and specialty care teams provide well-coordinated, patient-centered care. Effectiveness of these care teams in providing optimal health care depends on the extent to which they coordinate their goals and knowledge as components of a multiteam ... Read more >>

J Oncol Pract (Journal of oncology practice)
[2016, 12(11):1029-1038]

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Resident Supervision and Patient Safety: Do Different Levels of Resident Supervision Affect the Rate of Morbidity and Mortality Cases?

Patricia E Van Leer, Elyse K Lavine, Jeffrey S Rabrich, Dan E Wiener, Mark A Clark, Tommy Y S Wong,

In our academic emergency department, our senior residents lead their own patient care team, known as the red team (RT). Attending physicians are responsible for managing their own team (AT) and precepting the senior resident's cases.We hypothesized that the RT would have the same number of morbidity and mortality (M&M) ... Read more >>

J Emerg Med (The Journal of emergency medicine)
[2015, 49(6):944-948]

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Professional identity formation: creating a longitudinal framework through TIME (Transformation in Medical Education).

Mark D Holden, Era Buck, John Luk, Frank Ambriz, Eugene V Boisaubin, Mark A Clark, Angela P Mihalic, John Z Sadler, Kenneth J Sapire, Jeffrey P Spike, Alan Vince, John L Dalrymple,

The University of Texas System established the Transformation in Medical Education (TIME) initiative to reconfigure and shorten medical education from college matriculation through medical school graduation. One of the key changes proposed as part of the TIME initiative was to begin emphasizing professional identity formation (PIF) at the premedical level. ... Read more >>

Acad Med (Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges)
[2015, 90(6):761-767]

Cited: 23 times

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Ethics seminars: a best-practice approach to navigating the against-medical-advice discharge.

Mark A Clark, Jean T Abbott, Tara Adyanthaya,

Patients who sign out or choose to leave the emergency department (ED) against medical advice (AMA) present important challenges. The current approach to the complex legal, ethical, and medical challenges that arise when adult patients decline medical care in the ED would benefit from a systematic best-practice strategy to maximize ... Read more >>

Acad Emerg Med (Academic emergency medicine : official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine)
[2014, 21(9):1050-1057]

Cited: 8 times

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Team knowledge representation: a network perspective.

J Alberto Espinosa, Mark A Clark,

We propose a network perspective of team knowledge that offers both conceptual and methodological advantages, expanding explanatory value through representation and measurement of component structure and content.Team knowledge has typically been conceptualized and measured with relatively simple aggregates, without fully accounting for differing knowledge configurations among team members. Teams with ... Read more >>

Hum Factors (Human factors)
[2014, 56(2):333-348]

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Whole-genome comparison of leucine-rich repeat extensins in Arabidopsis and rice. A conserved family of cell wall proteins form a vegetative and a reproductive clade.

Nicolas Baumberger, Brigitte Doesseger, Romain Guyot, Anouck Diet, Ronald L Parsons, Mark A Clark, M P Simmons, Patricia Bedinger, Stephen A Goff, Christoph Ringli, Beat Keller,

We have searched the Arabidopsis and rice (Oryza sativa) genomes for homologs of LRX1, an Arabidopsis gene encoding a novel type of cell wall protein containing a leucine-rich repeat (LRR) and an extensin domain. Eleven and eight LRX (LRR/EXTENSIN) genes have been identified in these two plant species, respectively. The ... Read more >>

Plant Physiol. (Plant physiology)
[2003, 131(3):1313-1326]

Cited: 71 times

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Spinal epidural hematoma complicating thrombolytic therapy with tissue plasminogen activator--a case report.

Mark A Clark, Norman A Paradis,

Patients who receive thrombolytic therapy are at risk of central nervous system (CNS) hemorrhage, and this diagnosis must be sought in any patient who develops neurologic complaints after thrombolysis and anticoagulation. Early imaging and neurosurgical consultation are essential to improve outcome after hemorrhage occurs. We describe a patient who developed ... Read more >>

J Emerg Med (The Journal of emergency medicine)
[2002, 23(3):247-251]

Cited: 9 times

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Substantive and operational issues of response bias across levels of analysis: an example of climate-satisfaction relationships.

Cheri Ostroff, Angelo J Kinicki, Mark A Clark,

Two studies tested whether method variance is present at multiple levels of analysis and whether methodological procedures can minimize its impact. In Study 1, 8,052 employees from 71 hotels completed measures of climate, work environment characteristics, and satisfaction. A comparison of correlations at the individual level, cross-level, cross-level split, aggregate ... Read more >>

J Appl Psychol (The Journal of applied psychology)
[2002, 87(2):355-368]

Cited: 11 times

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