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Improved diabetes control among low-income Mexican Americans through community-clinical interventions: results of an RCT.

Belinda M Reininger, MinJae Lee, Manouchehr Hessabi, Lisa A Mitchell-Bennett, Maribel R Sifuentes, Jose A Guerra, Ciara D Ayala, Tianlin Xu, Valerie Polletta, Amy Flynn, Mohammad H Rahbar,

INTRODUCTION:This randomized controlled trial investigated community-clinical intervention strategies for a Mexican American population who had not demonstrated control of their diabetes. We tested a control program (Salud y Vida 1.0) supporting diabetes management versus an enhanced version (Salud y Vida 2.0) for reductions in HbA1c at 12 months. RESEARCH DESIGN ... Read more >>

BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care (BMJ open diabetes research & care)
[2020, 8(1):]

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