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Amyloid-β impairs the phagocytosis of dystrophic synapses by astrocytes in Alzheimer's disease.

Maria V Sanchez-Mico, Sebastian Jimenez, Angela Gomez-Arboledas, Clara Muñoz-Castro, Carmen Romero-Molina, Victoria Navarro, Elisabeth Sanchez-Mejias, Cristina Nuñez-Diaz, Raquel Sanchez-Varo, Elena Galea, José C Davila, Marisa Vizuete, Antonia Gutierrez, Javier Vitorica,

Reactive astrocytes and dystrophic neurites, most aberrant presynaptic elements, are found surrounding amyloid-β plaques in Alzheimer's disease (AD). We have previously shown that reactive astrocytes enwrap, phagocytose, and degrade dystrophic synapses in the hippocampus of APP mice and AD patients, but affecting less than 7% of dystrophic neurites, suggesting reduced ... Read more >>

Glia (Glia)
[2021, 69(4):997-1011]

Cited: 2 times

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Distinct Microglial Responses in Two Transgenic Murine Models of TAU Pathology.

Carmen Romero-Molina, Victoria Navarro, Raquel Sanchez-Varo, Sebastian Jimenez, Juan J Fernandez-Valenzuela, Maria V Sanchez-Mico, Clara Muñoz-Castro, Antonia Gutierrez, Javier Vitorica, Marisa Vizuete,

Microglial cells are crucial players in the pathological process of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). Microglial response in AD has been principally studied in relation to amyloid-beta pathology but, comparatively, little is known about inflammatory processes associated to tau pathology. In the hippocampus of AD patients, where tau ... Read more >>

Front Cell Neurosci (Frontiers in cellular neuroscience)
[2018, 12:421]

Cited: 5 times

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Phagocytic clearance of presynaptic dystrophies by reactive astrocytes in Alzheimer's disease.

Angela Gomez-Arboledas, Jose C Davila, Elisabeth Sanchez-Mejias, Victoria Navarro, Cristina Nuñez-Diaz, Raquel Sanchez-Varo, Maria Virtudes Sanchez-Mico, Laura Trujillo-Estrada, Juan Jose Fernandez-Valenzuela, Marisa Vizuete, Joan X Comella, Elena Galea, Javier Vitorica, Antonia Gutierrez,

Reactive astrogliosis, a complex process characterized by cell hypertrophy and upregulation of components of intermediate filaments, is a common feature in brains of Alzheimer's patients. Reactive astrocytes are found in close association with neuritic plaques; however, the precise role of these glial cells in disease pathogenesis is unknown. In this ... Read more >>

Glia (Glia)
[2018, 66(3):637-653]

Cited: 49 times

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Dual roles of Aβ in proliferative processes in an amyloidogenic model of Alzheimer's disease.

David Baglietto-Vargas, Elisabeth Sánchez-Mejias, Victoria Navarro, Sebastián Jimenez, Laura Trujillo-Estrada, Angela Gómez-Arboledas, Maria Sánchez-Mico, Raquel Sánchez-Varo, Marisa Vizuete, José Carlos Dávila, José Manuel García-Verdugo, Javier Vitorica, Antonia Gutierrez,

Alzheimer's disease is a major neurodegenerative disorder that leads to severe cognitive deficits in the elderly population. Over the past two decades, multiple studies have focused on elucidating the causative factors underlying memory defects in Alzheimer's patients. In this regard, new evidence linking Alzheimer's disease-related pathology and neuronal stem cells ... Read more >>

Sci Rep (Scientific reports)
[2017, 7(1):10085]

Cited: 11 times

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Soluble phospho-tau from Alzheimer's disease hippocampus drives microglial degeneration.

Elisabeth Sanchez-Mejias, Victoria Navarro, Sebastian Jimenez, Maria Sanchez-Mico, Raquel Sanchez-Varo, Cristina Nuñez-Diaz, Laura Trujillo-Estrada, Jose Carlos Davila, Marisa Vizuete, Antonia Gutierrez, Javier Vitorica,

The role of microglial cells in the development and progression of Alzheimer's disease (AD) has not been elucidated. Here, we demonstrated the existence of a weak microglial response in human AD hippocampus which is in contrast to the massive microglial activation observed in APP-based models. Most importantly, microglial cells displayed ... Read more >>

Acta Neuropathol (Acta neuropathologica)
[2016, 132(6):897-916]

Cited: 51 times

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Disruption of amyloid plaques integrity affects the soluble oligomers content from Alzheimer disease brains.

Sebastian Jimenez, Victoria Navarro, Javier Moyano, María Sanchez-Mico, Manuel Torres, Jose Carlos Davila, Marisa Vizuete, Antonia Gutierrez, Javier Vitorica,

The implication of soluble Abeta in the Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology is currently accepted. In fact, the content of soluble extracellular Abeta species, such as monomeric and/or oligomeric Abeta, seems to correlate with the clinico-pathological dysfunction observed in AD patients. However, the nature (monomeric, dimeric or other oligomers), the relative ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2014, 9(12):e114041]

Cited: 12 times

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